sobota 6. září 2014

Tommorow war alternative models

Although GZG makes some Tommorow war miniatures i they look really good (especially US Marines) there are some models i dont like particulary DPRG and new Brasil troops but here is my shot at models for Tommorverse

Republic of Arden National Guard/RANGSOF
These are good guys from conflicts on Glory, defending their homelands againts aliens and human a like sporting good gear and weapons.
Well these very easy ones Armies Army Commonwealth infantry

DPRG represents bad guys, Ally of Chinese and NEU, at start of second war there were outclassed by tech that RANG and French but then get supported by Chinese and Brasil - they get new weapons and armour and were more then match to OPS forces on the ground.
Well for the bad guys look i really like Sino Forces from Armies Army

US Troops
US forces is leading OPS in Tomorrowverse, have the best technology availible from GRID,Power armour up to mighty Grav-tanks. Well this was hard choice as i really like design of GZG ones but then Helldivers from Clearhorizon is best choice IMHO though iam using GZG UNSC for them.

New Soviet Federation
Communists in space poorly equipped, poorly trained and expenable, vehicles will must be from upcoming Brigade games Neo-soviet 15mm range while infantry Armies Army RUSK Line Infantry

Russian Army
New Russian Tsar empire is well equipped, well trained compared to NSF forces or rebels,separatists and terrorists as they call them. non less again i would choose RUSK guards and Spetnatz to fill the ranks of RA from Armies Army it would give them consistent look while RA will look more teched

Brasil is main Opponent for US troops, they fough againts each other in few wars and conflicts and there is great hatred among the troopers , Brasil is tough one , i dont know how they should look like. so thousand different models may be used, but i think Armies Army Enemy unknown would fit the bill (They Remind me Cerberus from Mass Effect but also troops from Blacklight)

More Nations will follow........................

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