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Sacred Cause - Mission two Boarding action 5150 Fighter Command

Aquiring new mat painting few fleet scale fighters i decided to move up with campaing, i ordered more fighter scale fighters and bombers. the new thing i buy some black cloth yesterday and created easy gaming mat, enhancing game much more. anyway let´s return to our heroes Viper (Rep5 star) and Angel (Rep 4 grunt) are prepearing for boarding action mission they will be escorting two boarding transports loaded with badass marines - their job is to capture enemy cruiser from inside, Alpha flight consisting of Viper and Angel are tasked to protect their rides easy as breakfast.
Alliance task force

Table was using my DIY gaming mat and few asteroids which are still not paitnted segment 1 was asteroid field as wal as number 5. Alliance forces deployed in sector 9, while PEF was in sector 1, 5 and 6. Viper and Angel was flying on Raven Medium fighters, escorting two assault transports.

Operation Area

The flight moved forward to deal with any troublemakers that may pop-up, they got fix on first two PEFs, First one was their objective Zu´kara class Cruiser, and second flight of two Ak´rah medium fighters. Our heroes move up to deal with troublemakers.

This Viper we have fix! Za´kura class cruiser designation TS Indira. Elysium 1 a 2  she´s all yours! Wait the minute, two contacts Ak´rah fighters engaging now!
Za´kura class Cruiser
Target Aquired, Fox 1 awaaay!
Target aquired! Fox 1 awaaay! Damn he´s good!
Viper here i got him! another squid bites the dust....
Viper evade! evade!

Ravens engaged enemy medium fighters, Angel (left on photo) fired his missle, Squid evaded but he ended out of sight so he must dogfight his maneovre has failed leaving him in front of Viper guns, who blew him up from the skies. the second open-up but result was he miss all fire. in consquence he tailed his back and run before Alliance fighter could catch him (they fired missles but he was able to evade.) Cruiser started moving in and Alliance started to deal with cruiser.
Boarding Operations begin

Get tactical marines!

Cruiser openup fire from his turrets and was able to hit one of the boarding crafts in cockpit, stunning  pilot, but second one was able to board it. Marines quickly overcome enemy resistence and seized bridge. second dropship unloaded his cargo to deal with any leftovers in cruiser. In moment of capture another message comes in Alliance convoy has been ambushed and last remaing transport has moving through location of battle followed by two Ak´rah fighters.

To all Terran forces in area this is transport Echo 466, we are under Thr´engi attack anyone please assist, this is transport Echo 466 someone, anyone please respond!

This is Alpha flight from ANS Tarawa, hold there 466 we are on the way!
Transport Echo 466 under attack

Viper and his wingmen has move away from escort formation to protect the transport and attacked enemy flight and Angel destroyed another squid fighter. The Second one evaded Viper IR missle
Protecting transport

That´s right squiggy run! and tell your octopa-admiral that you has been beaten by Pumas!

The Thr´eng forces decided this too much for them and begin their retreat, Alliance fighter decided to let them go.

This mission was huge success, not only the vital intel has been gathered, but our heroes also saved civilian convoy and rout enemy forces in this sector.

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