čtvrtek 25. září 2014

Sacred Cause - Mission five Search and Rescue

This was little special scenario i played after deadly gaulnet between Thr´engi and Human fighters.  Viper teamed up with new guy callsign Hyde, they were escorting transport ship which were send to pickup escape pods from New Orleans and fighter escort. the mission was played similiary as patrol , there were four point points but only transport ship can clear them. In order to clear navpoint transport must come into 1" distance from navpoint and roll 1d6 on 1-3 the escape pod run out of oxygen and everyone on board is dead. on 5-6 pod is rescued.

Area of Operations have some asteroids and two dust fields (Homemade by my kids nothing fancy but get the job done). SAR party consists of Viper (Rep5 star) and Hyde (Rep 4 grunt)in Raven medium fighter escorting transport ship piloted by Tag (Rep 4 grunt).

As always enemy have 3 PEFs, intel again was solid, so Thr´engi dont prepare any suprises. First PEF hidden in dust cloud moved forward but remain in cloud, PEF located in rear center of board moved up to our patrol, scanners picked up two An´rah fighters closing fast, Viper and Hyde  move up to engage them before they hit  SAR ship. second PEF moved from cloud but it was just interference. third PEF has been identifed as flight of two An´rah has been indentifited. Terran patrol has been now outnumbered 2:1.

Before second squid flight can close in Viper fired his FF missle and hit 1st An´rah which exploded before he can launch his decoys. Second An´rah fire his missle too, targeting Hyde but he was able to launch decoy and do evasive maneovre which threw him out of his course but thanks to dogfight maneovre he was able to close in on An´rah and hit his hull and cockpit knocking off squid life support and Thr´engi flight leader was instantly dead. Viper tried to lure second An´rah fight out of transport, to battle them on their own terms.

one of the An´rah moved up to hit Hyde flank opening fire and knocking off Hyde shields and Comms, but Hyde performed dead mans return maneover and ripping an´rah appart with his mass drivers. 

Viper showup little performing special maneovre and fire IR Missle on second fighter, missle struck home damaging  cockpit and shields the Thr´engi pilot was knock-out and Terran fighters maneover behind him and Hyde take him down.

Meanwhile Tag picked up first pod which contained surviovors alive, so far so good, Viper move up far from transport to provide overwatch while transport picking up the pod inside the cloud, unfortunatly everyone in pod was dead. as TAG marine team seariching the pod, the Thr´engi Early Warining Satelitte picked up Viper ion trail and alerted nearby squid patrol which came up to engage. Hyde was able to bring up damaged system online as flight tried to outmaneover An´rah fighters behind asteroids. the An´rah was lured to trap and viper fired his second FF missle which obliterated flight leader An´rah. Hyde opened fire was able to hit guns of An´rah but thats was it, An´rah returned fire but wasn´t able to hit Hyde Raven. Fighters move in to position for another pass on each other but Viper experience and reflexes give him upper hand above the squid rookie pilot and Viper´s mass drivers completely obliterated enemy fighter.
Tag picked up another pod containing more surviovors and Alliance patrol from ANS Solaris came in area in case that any squids wanted  to break up the party. their assistance however wasnt needed and Tag collected last pod containg only dead humans. all fighters then escorted transport back to Tarawa.

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