neděle 28. září 2014

5150 Fighter command -Fall of the Colonies themed patrol mission

This is Athena actual, patrol 784 do you read?
784 here read you 5 by 5, proceeding on objective Artemis, wait a minute picking two no three dradis contacts! No Colonial transponders so far.
Athena Actual to 784 proceed with caution, it could be pirates but fire only when you fire upon.
784 we read you ROE return fire only over.

I played today small patrol mission using BSG universe when i was looking through my stuff and came into my Bergstrom BSG fighters. it was standart mission with two pilots one rep 5 star ( callsign Dagger) and rep 4 grunt (callsign Myrmidon) Dagger was piloting Viper mark 7 while Mymidon was piloting Assault Viper.

three contacts was discovered two in far edge of map while on one center, the patrol flight proceed toward first nav point and first DRADIS contact (PEF) came into sensor range. while it was some sketchy siginal but our pilots was sure that there is something in that field

784 here,reach first nav, one signal was bogus but remaing two remain solid no transponders so far.
coming into range of contact please wait.........
784 here! we have situation! unknown small ship hell i never see anything like it!
Athena actual to 784, hold your fire i repeat hold your fire! Is it Cylon craft?
I dont think so... FRAK missle launch! evading! evading!

Recon flight came into range of second PEF, this time our pilots wasnt so lucky, Cylon craft - single heavy raider rep 3. the before our fighters came into range raider launched FF missle but Dagger which was target quickly evaded missle and close in and returned fire, disabling raiders main guns and damaging hull

Raider launched another missle and Dagger again evade but this time he was able to get behind Heavy Raider but third PEF came into range - two Cylon Raiders - one rep 5 while second was rep 3
Dagger opened fire destroying Heavy raider but enemy raiders we´re closing

this is 784 two additional contacts! Bearing 827 Carom 447! please advise!
Athena actual to 784 weapons free i repeat weapons free, consider all unidentified contacts as hostile.

Vipers tried to make run for it as they were scattered after dogfight with heavy raider their were not in position to fight, but raiders catch up with them and fire on Dagger, while he evade third missle he cannot evade enemy guns, which knock out his comms, he then performed Immelmann turn and target rep 5 raider, he blast him with his guns but second raider were still there.

now deadly gaulnet begun raider and two vipers were locked into it and tried to outmaneover other side, Myrmidon although his maneover does not performed well it was enough to get raider into his sight and then blast him out of the skies.

This is  784, DRADIS is clear, going back home.......

This game was very different from games i played before, mass and rail guns were more personal and fight  dogfights are more, enjoyed more than any other game of FC i played before but maybe it is my weakness for BSG.

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