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5150 Fighter command mission four: Black Day for Pumas

Yesterday i played fourth mission of my Sacred Cause campaing, so far humans we´re wining this war although they win that battle costs was high especially for their morale. last time Viper has been promoted to 1st Flight and this is just not the way you prove yourself

Inteligence officer: Can you tell us what happened there Lt.?
Viper: We´ll we flight  in tight formation encountering few bad guys, and then that cruiser appeared......

Mission was easy, Viper and Anubis (new wingman Rep 4) in escort formation with ANS New Orleans. the contacs very closing fast on them so NO, so they decide to launch Flattop and Sandbox.
first contact was resolved as raising enemy activity while second was bogus. third however was Thr´engi cruiser.

The exchange between New Orleans his fighters and cruiser designed as TS Rakshu has turned into victory for Alliance but New Orleans has been hit into shield generator and has been disabled for six turns which was fatal for here. Just before Rakshu went up she launched two flights of An´rah fighters, one rookie, 4 veteran pilot (rep 4), and perhaps ace or squadron leader with rep 5.

 Since  New Orleans has lost his shields, Terran fighters sprinted forward to defend cruiser. The viper and his pilots launched counterstrike againts Thr´engi, but they were out numbered and outgunned here, Viper and Anubis we´re able of nailing thr´engi ace and veteran pilot but rookie was only knocked out and will play vital role at end of the battle. While Viper was unscatched, Anubis fighter takes hit into shield generator and his shield shut down. Flattop and Sandbox engaged second flight, Flattop engaged first fighter and take him out, while Sandbox came under fire and before she could eject her fighter exploded into one big fireball as Thr´engi flight leader opened fire. Flattop fighter was heavily damaged and pilot then ejected as Viper and Anubis joining the fight in following dogfight lots of maneovers were engaged. Viper closed on farer fighter while anubis tried to hit another one flank. however, the Thr´engi fighter was faster and hit the anubis fighter but he managed to eject. Viper closed on the second one and after little maneovering he blow him up.  As if it was not enough flight of An´rah fighters apparead in far side of map
The New Orleans now tried make the run for it and viper after another engagement with remaing fighter has been hit hard, his shields down and guns offline he tried dock with the Heavy cruiser. However Thr´engi early waring satelite sended call to Fleet and another wing appeared on intercept course with Jersey. They opened fire with their rockets but it was Rookie rocket which blowup New Jersey. Viper then hit afterburners and narrowly escaped Thr´engi ambush.

It was great victory for Thr´engi for first time, and deadly blow for Alliance, but since there are two pilots down the Viper will be leading SAR patrol to retrieve Anubis and Flattop.

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