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5150 Fighter Command Thr´engi Wars Background background story

The year is 2378 and Terran Alliance is for almost sixty years in state of war with alien race called Thr´engi. While the humanity is technologicaly superior (at least in terms of weapons) the Thr´engi have numbers on their side. As neither side isnt able to win decesive victory, the current state in conflict is stalemate.

Alliance navy decided to launch offensive in Deri system, two battlegroups entered node jump point and launch attack againts enemy fleet but Thr´engi fleet hid in nearby asteroid field.

Face of the enemy - Thr´engi 
Thr´engi is space faring race similiar in some aspects to the Earth Squids. Thanks to their appearance human pilots and marines often call them "Squids".Even sixty years of conflict and Terrans wasnt able to pinpoint their homeworld. Thr´engi dont have males or females but like snakes they are hermaphrodites. Their life cycle is much faster than ours the pregnacy is 4 months long, while Thr´engi are adult in 8-10 years. The Thr´engi arent enjoying but they are living in belief that Humans attacked them, and All Thr´engi are answering call to arms. There were only few wars in their history and they are not skilled in space warfare, unlike the humans whom fighting for begining of times. But their learning fast and there is no better teacher in skills of mayhem,slaughter and chaos than humans.

First Contact
Humans arent much different from us, still greedy, power hungry and expansionistic. The Alliance is ruled by Alliance senate, and their military forces are called Alliance Navy. First Contact with Thr´engi was bloody, durning rebelion on Praxis the three vessels of rebel fleet managed to reach unknown jump-node and jump, Rebel leader called Shiv was responsible for many mass murders on Praxis and AN need to catch him and sended whole battlegroup after them. Alliance navy surrounded Rebel ships and ordered them to surrender, but they refuse, instead they opened fire and decided to make last stand. 3 previously unknown capital ships with escorts appeared from nowwhere - they we´re Thr´engi first generation cruisers sended to recon strange energy distortions saw three ships outclassed and under attack by  much numerous fleet, after brief pause they decided to engage Alliance navy vessels and thus starting Terran-Thr´engi War. One Thr´engi cruiser was capable to escape the battle with Shiv onboard, He tell them all lies about Alliance how she nuking rebel systems and many more and when reached Thr´engi space - the High council decided to enter war with Alliance.

Diplomatic relations
Durning the decades of conflict there we´re many occasions that humanity wanted to end this conflict, it is pointless and cost resources and human lives. but there we´re two major events first attempt ended in tragedy, and ended in death politicans, drones and marines. Durning last atempt after cease-fire has been signed by both sides, the Alien party has been attacked and killed by terroist group known as Humanity fist. After this event no diplomatic contact has been made and war rages on.

Meet 237th Pumas
Pumas is one of the squadrons based on ANS Tarawa as most of Alliance navy it consists of 3 flights  here is brief on their pilots

Callsign : Angel
Real name: Cynthia F. Sanders
Rep: 4
Assignation: 3rd Flight, Flight Leader
Homeworld: Tarsis colony
Age: 24

Angel is young but great pilot which came from Tarsis colony one of the outer worlds which has been turned to ashes when two Thr´engi broke through past PDF perimeter and launched series of cyclic torpedoes. After this event many civilians from Praxis joined Alliance navy to revange Praxis colony, and Angel reason isnt different. She maybe trigger happy but propably best pilot in squadron

Callsign : Buzz
Real name: Douglas Silva
Rep: 3
Assignation: 3rd Flight, Wingman
Homeworld: Earth
Age: 27

Buzz is least experienced pilot in squadron passed from ill-fated Wraiths squadron when Viper was promoted to 1st Flight leader. Buzz will be good pilot but now he is nugget lacking experience which can cost him life durning engagements.

Callsign : Sandbox
Real name: Ayuko Hagi
Rep: 5
Assignation: 2nd Flight, Flight Leader
Homeworld: Kusari
Age: 29

Sandbox is experienced leader who is serving on Tarawa for 5 years, and she is leading infamous ladies club - the 2nd flight. She is expert gunner and natural surviovor

Callsign : Flattop
Real name: Helen Hake
Rep: 4
Assignation: 2nd Flight, Wingman
Homeworld: Mars
Age: 25

Flattop is all-around good pilot, she is not special but you can count on her to watch your six. Durning Elionor suppresion she refused order to destroy unarmed transport, which make her second call sign - White Knight

Callsign : Viper
Real name: James Harrigen
Rep: 5
Assignation: 1st Flight, Flight Leader
Homeworld: Earth
Age: 27

Viper is squadron topgun, experienced leader he is expert gunner second only to Sandbox, before operation Sacred cause he was serving aboard ANS Boston bay as 2nd flight leader of  78th Talons but after ambush his carrier and most of the wings has been destroyed and he has been transfered to Tarawa.

Callsign : Anubis
Real name: Carlos Venezia
Rep: 4
Assignation: 1st Flight, Wingman
Homeworld: Alpha Century beta
Age: 36

Anubis is oldest fighter pilot of the Pumas, serving on this ships for 12 years, Although he has enough experience Anubis has not have attributes to be leader, but he is the one you want to watching your back

Callsign : Kermit
Real name: Charles Evergood
Rep: 6
Assignation: Squadron leader
Homeworld: Tarsis colony
Age: 32

Kermit is Flight Leader and Tarawa CAG,  while much pilots thinks he is a pain in butt, most of them owes him their lifes, by decision he made in Ops room, on few occasion he flew again fighter into battle, and when he was flying as Pumas 1st fligh leader he was exceptional fighter, to this day no one beats his kill record on Tarawa kill-chart

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