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5150 Fighter command -Fall of the Colonies themed patrol mission

This is Athena actual, patrol 784 do you read?
784 here read you 5 by 5, proceeding on objective Artemis, wait a minute picking two no three dradis contacts! No Colonial transponders so far.
Athena Actual to 784 proceed with caution, it could be pirates but fire only when you fire upon.
784 we read you ROE return fire only over.

I played today small patrol mission using BSG universe when i was looking through my stuff and came into my Bergstrom BSG fighters. it was standart mission with two pilots one rep 5 star ( callsign Dagger) and rep 4 grunt (callsign Myrmidon) Dagger was piloting Viper mark 7 while Mymidon was piloting Assault Viper.

three contacts was discovered two in far edge of map while on one center, the patrol flight proceed toward first nav point and first DRADIS contact (PEF) came into sensor range. while it was some sketchy siginal but our pilots was sure that there is something in that field

784 here,reach first nav, one signal was bogus but remaing two remain solid no transponders so far.
coming into range of contact please wait.........
784 here! we have situation! unknown small ship hell i never see anything like it!
Athena actual to 784, hold your fire i repeat hold your fire! Is it Cylon craft?
I dont think so... FRAK missle launch! evading! evading!

Recon flight came into range of second PEF, this time our pilots wasnt so lucky, Cylon craft - single heavy raider rep 3. the before our fighters came into range raider launched FF missle but Dagger which was target quickly evaded missle and close in and returned fire, disabling raiders main guns and damaging hull

Raider launched another missle and Dagger again evade but this time he was able to get behind Heavy Raider but third PEF came into range - two Cylon Raiders - one rep 5 while second was rep 3
Dagger opened fire destroying Heavy raider but enemy raiders we´re closing

this is 784 two additional contacts! Bearing 827 Carom 447! please advise!
Athena actual to 784 weapons free i repeat weapons free, consider all unidentified contacts as hostile.

Vipers tried to make run for it as they were scattered after dogfight with heavy raider their were not in position to fight, but raiders catch up with them and fire on Dagger, while he evade third missle he cannot evade enemy guns, which knock out his comms, he then performed Immelmann turn and target rep 5 raider, he blast him with his guns but second raider were still there.

now deadly gaulnet begun raider and two vipers were locked into it and tried to outmaneover other side, Myrmidon although his maneover does not performed well it was enough to get raider into his sight and then blast him out of the skies.

This is  784, DRADIS is clear, going back home.......

This game was very different from games i played before, mass and rail guns were more personal and fight  dogfights are more, enjoyed more than any other game of FC i played before but maybe it is my weakness for BSG.

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5150:Fighter command thought so far

I played handfull games of 5150 FC, but there things i like and i like, you can agree or disagree since there
are my opinions.

5150 Fighter command is great game, it execute well some concepts like dogfights, combat involving larger ships, campaings. however there are things i don´t like and things that could be better.

So in case you miss my review which you can read here , here is quick overview what 5150:Fighter Command is all about.

In Fighter command you assume role of flight leader of space fighter, you are executing missions like patrols, attack on cap ships escorts and many more, every mission is different , thanks to random encouters, random reinforcements, intel levels. You can run into heavy enemy activity with two or three light fighters and deciding if you finish your patrol or turn tail and run, sometimes your heavy carrier appears in nick of time and some times its just rutine and you didnt encounter anyone. Pretty good stuff. This game also isnt your typical wargame since you have full control of your main character but other fighters are run through reaction tables and you cant knew what they will do.

So what could be done better? i will be maybe jumping from topic to topic, but hope you guys get the point
base system is solid reaction system is easy to hang on after two or three games. but there are things that will maybe make game better - some which i will make up via homerules. But first thing which will be greatly concern me is campaing rules where basics are great some random generator for your starting forces will be great for example - while there is similair according to your invesment vs enemy invesment level greater varienty will be better. another is gaing fame and experience you are rising/lowering your rep according how well you peform as pilot/leader but you also getting promoted but there is no point in this because it hasnt have any effect (meaning being promoted to 1st flight leader or squadron leader) another problem is with mission generator for campaing - you starting with patrol, then boarding action then attack and then attack attack until you win or lose and then you begin with patrol again not bad but some random element here will help.

another thing which is good by needing to be enhanced is random encounters almost every mission there is high propability some unussual event will happen but since there is only six of them they starting to keep repeating, when we were playing Mordheim our gaming group created more random encounters and this can be done for FC - imagine events like mysterious fighters - i taken this from original Freespace game where Shivan fighters appeared for the first time (mission was called from night into the darkness). Mysterious fighters will be armed with best shields,weapons and more maneoverable that anything in "other" races arsenal - randomly come in one of the game sectors and target nearest ship/wing - enemy or yours it doesnt matter who is closest buys the farm, after they fullifil their role they jump out but if you manage to destroy them before they jump out you will get boost to morale, or imagine one of your pilots turn traitor, possibilities are many. while reinforcements is little sporadic, while it is okay for most missions sometimes i will like more greater battles sometime maybe some escalation level before mission.

Mission types are good, but even here more can be better, but it is okay as it is we will see if upcoming expansion will show us more

 another concern is missles while they work fine in larger battles in one on one dogfights they seems lacking something, maybe made them faster and maneovarble version of torps would make them better but just a thought. so what are your thoughts on 5150 FC do you disagree or agree?

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Sacred Cause - Mission five Search and Rescue

This was little special scenario i played after deadly gaulnet between Thr´engi and Human fighters.  Viper teamed up with new guy callsign Hyde, they were escorting transport ship which were send to pickup escape pods from New Orleans and fighter escort. the mission was played similiary as patrol , there were four point points but only transport ship can clear them. In order to clear navpoint transport must come into 1" distance from navpoint and roll 1d6 on 1-3 the escape pod run out of oxygen and everyone on board is dead. on 5-6 pod is rescued.

Area of Operations have some asteroids and two dust fields (Homemade by my kids nothing fancy but get the job done). SAR party consists of Viper (Rep5 star) and Hyde (Rep 4 grunt)in Raven medium fighter escorting transport ship piloted by Tag (Rep 4 grunt).

As always enemy have 3 PEFs, intel again was solid, so Thr´engi dont prepare any suprises. First PEF hidden in dust cloud moved forward but remain in cloud, PEF located in rear center of board moved up to our patrol, scanners picked up two An´rah fighters closing fast, Viper and Hyde  move up to engage them before they hit  SAR ship. second PEF moved from cloud but it was just interference. third PEF has been identifed as flight of two An´rah has been indentifited. Terran patrol has been now outnumbered 2:1.

Before second squid flight can close in Viper fired his FF missle and hit 1st An´rah which exploded before he can launch his decoys. Second An´rah fire his missle too, targeting Hyde but he was able to launch decoy and do evasive maneovre which threw him out of his course but thanks to dogfight maneovre he was able to close in on An´rah and hit his hull and cockpit knocking off squid life support and Thr´engi flight leader was instantly dead. Viper tried to lure second An´rah fight out of transport, to battle them on their own terms.

one of the An´rah moved up to hit Hyde flank opening fire and knocking off Hyde shields and Comms, but Hyde performed dead mans return maneover and ripping an´rah appart with his mass drivers. 

Viper showup little performing special maneovre and fire IR Missle on second fighter, missle struck home damaging  cockpit and shields the Thr´engi pilot was knock-out and Terran fighters maneover behind him and Hyde take him down.

Meanwhile Tag picked up first pod which contained surviovors alive, so far so good, Viper move up far from transport to provide overwatch while transport picking up the pod inside the cloud, unfortunatly everyone in pod was dead. as TAG marine team seariching the pod, the Thr´engi Early Warining Satelitte picked up Viper ion trail and alerted nearby squid patrol which came up to engage. Hyde was able to bring up damaged system online as flight tried to outmaneover An´rah fighters behind asteroids. the An´rah was lured to trap and viper fired his second FF missle which obliterated flight leader An´rah. Hyde opened fire was able to hit guns of An´rah but thats was it, An´rah returned fire but wasn´t able to hit Hyde Raven. Fighters move in to position for another pass on each other but Viper experience and reflexes give him upper hand above the squid rookie pilot and Viper´s mass drivers completely obliterated enemy fighter.
Tag picked up another pod containing more surviovors and Alliance patrol from ANS Solaris came in area in case that any squids wanted  to break up the party. their assistance however wasnt needed and Tag collected last pod containg only dead humans. all fighters then escorted transport back to Tarawa.

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5150 Fighter command mission four: Black Day for Pumas

Yesterday i played fourth mission of my Sacred Cause campaing, so far humans we´re wining this war although they win that battle costs was high especially for their morale. last time Viper has been promoted to 1st Flight and this is just not the way you prove yourself

Inteligence officer: Can you tell us what happened there Lt.?
Viper: We´ll we flight  in tight formation encountering few bad guys, and then that cruiser appeared......

Mission was easy, Viper and Anubis (new wingman Rep 4) in escort formation with ANS New Orleans. the contacs very closing fast on them so NO, so they decide to launch Flattop and Sandbox.
first contact was resolved as raising enemy activity while second was bogus. third however was Thr´engi cruiser.

The exchange between New Orleans his fighters and cruiser designed as TS Rakshu has turned into victory for Alliance but New Orleans has been hit into shield generator and has been disabled for six turns which was fatal for here. Just before Rakshu went up she launched two flights of An´rah fighters, one rookie, 4 veteran pilot (rep 4), and perhaps ace or squadron leader with rep 5.

 Since  New Orleans has lost his shields, Terran fighters sprinted forward to defend cruiser. The viper and his pilots launched counterstrike againts Thr´engi, but they were out numbered and outgunned here, Viper and Anubis we´re able of nailing thr´engi ace and veteran pilot but rookie was only knocked out and will play vital role at end of the battle. While Viper was unscatched, Anubis fighter takes hit into shield generator and his shield shut down. Flattop and Sandbox engaged second flight, Flattop engaged first fighter and take him out, while Sandbox came under fire and before she could eject her fighter exploded into one big fireball as Thr´engi flight leader opened fire. Flattop fighter was heavily damaged and pilot then ejected as Viper and Anubis joining the fight in following dogfight lots of maneovers were engaged. Viper closed on farer fighter while anubis tried to hit another one flank. however, the Thr´engi fighter was faster and hit the anubis fighter but he managed to eject. Viper closed on the second one and after little maneovering he blow him up.  As if it was not enough flight of An´rah fighters apparead in far side of map
The New Orleans now tried make the run for it and viper after another engagement with remaing fighter has been hit hard, his shields down and guns offline he tried dock with the Heavy cruiser. However Thr´engi early waring satelite sended call to Fleet and another wing appeared on intercept course with Jersey. They opened fire with their rockets but it was Rookie rocket which blowup New Jersey. Viper then hit afterburners and narrowly escaped Thr´engi ambush.

It was great victory for Thr´engi for first time, and deadly blow for Alliance, but since there are two pilots down the Viper will be leading SAR patrol to retrieve Anubis and Flattop.

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5150 Fighter Command Thr´engi Wars Background background story

The year is 2378 and Terran Alliance is for almost sixty years in state of war with alien race called Thr´engi. While the humanity is technologicaly superior (at least in terms of weapons) the Thr´engi have numbers on their side. As neither side isnt able to win decesive victory, the current state in conflict is stalemate.

Alliance navy decided to launch offensive in Deri system, two battlegroups entered node jump point and launch attack againts enemy fleet but Thr´engi fleet hid in nearby asteroid field.

Face of the enemy - Thr´engi 
Thr´engi is space faring race similiar in some aspects to the Earth Squids. Thanks to their appearance human pilots and marines often call them "Squids".Even sixty years of conflict and Terrans wasnt able to pinpoint their homeworld. Thr´engi dont have males or females but like snakes they are hermaphrodites. Their life cycle is much faster than ours the pregnacy is 4 months long, while Thr´engi are adult in 8-10 years. The Thr´engi arent enjoying but they are living in belief that Humans attacked them, and All Thr´engi are answering call to arms. There were only few wars in their history and they are not skilled in space warfare, unlike the humans whom fighting for begining of times. But their learning fast and there is no better teacher in skills of mayhem,slaughter and chaos than humans.

First Contact
Humans arent much different from us, still greedy, power hungry and expansionistic. The Alliance is ruled by Alliance senate, and their military forces are called Alliance Navy. First Contact with Thr´engi was bloody, durning rebelion on Praxis the three vessels of rebel fleet managed to reach unknown jump-node and jump, Rebel leader called Shiv was responsible for many mass murders on Praxis and AN need to catch him and sended whole battlegroup after them. Alliance navy surrounded Rebel ships and ordered them to surrender, but they refuse, instead they opened fire and decided to make last stand. 3 previously unknown capital ships with escorts appeared from nowwhere - they we´re Thr´engi first generation cruisers sended to recon strange energy distortions saw three ships outclassed and under attack by  much numerous fleet, after brief pause they decided to engage Alliance navy vessels and thus starting Terran-Thr´engi War. One Thr´engi cruiser was capable to escape the battle with Shiv onboard, He tell them all lies about Alliance how she nuking rebel systems and many more and when reached Thr´engi space - the High council decided to enter war with Alliance.

Diplomatic relations
Durning the decades of conflict there we´re many occasions that humanity wanted to end this conflict, it is pointless and cost resources and human lives. but there we´re two major events first attempt ended in tragedy, and ended in death politicans, drones and marines. Durning last atempt after cease-fire has been signed by both sides, the Alien party has been attacked and killed by terroist group known as Humanity fist. After this event no diplomatic contact has been made and war rages on.

Meet 237th Pumas
Pumas is one of the squadrons based on ANS Tarawa as most of Alliance navy it consists of 3 flights  here is brief on their pilots

Callsign : Angel
Real name: Cynthia F. Sanders
Rep: 4
Assignation: 3rd Flight, Flight Leader
Homeworld: Tarsis colony
Age: 24

Angel is young but great pilot which came from Tarsis colony one of the outer worlds which has been turned to ashes when two Thr´engi broke through past PDF perimeter and launched series of cyclic torpedoes. After this event many civilians from Praxis joined Alliance navy to revange Praxis colony, and Angel reason isnt different. She maybe trigger happy but propably best pilot in squadron

Callsign : Buzz
Real name: Douglas Silva
Rep: 3
Assignation: 3rd Flight, Wingman
Homeworld: Earth
Age: 27

Buzz is least experienced pilot in squadron passed from ill-fated Wraiths squadron when Viper was promoted to 1st Flight leader. Buzz will be good pilot but now he is nugget lacking experience which can cost him life durning engagements.

Callsign : Sandbox
Real name: Ayuko Hagi
Rep: 5
Assignation: 2nd Flight, Flight Leader
Homeworld: Kusari
Age: 29

Sandbox is experienced leader who is serving on Tarawa for 5 years, and she is leading infamous ladies club - the 2nd flight. She is expert gunner and natural surviovor

Callsign : Flattop
Real name: Helen Hake
Rep: 4
Assignation: 2nd Flight, Wingman
Homeworld: Mars
Age: 25

Flattop is all-around good pilot, she is not special but you can count on her to watch your six. Durning Elionor suppresion she refused order to destroy unarmed transport, which make her second call sign - White Knight

Callsign : Viper
Real name: James Harrigen
Rep: 5
Assignation: 1st Flight, Flight Leader
Homeworld: Earth
Age: 27

Viper is squadron topgun, experienced leader he is expert gunner second only to Sandbox, before operation Sacred cause he was serving aboard ANS Boston bay as 2nd flight leader of  78th Talons but after ambush his carrier and most of the wings has been destroyed and he has been transfered to Tarawa.

Callsign : Anubis
Real name: Carlos Venezia
Rep: 4
Assignation: 1st Flight, Wingman
Homeworld: Alpha Century beta
Age: 36

Anubis is oldest fighter pilot of the Pumas, serving on this ships for 12 years, Although he has enough experience Anubis has not have attributes to be leader, but he is the one you want to watching your back

Callsign : Kermit
Real name: Charles Evergood
Rep: 6
Assignation: Squadron leader
Homeworld: Tarsis colony
Age: 32

Kermit is Flight Leader and Tarawa CAG,  while much pilots thinks he is a pain in butt, most of them owes him their lifes, by decision he made in Ops room, on few occasion he flew again fighter into battle, and when he was flying as Pumas 1st fligh leader he was exceptional fighter, to this day no one beats his kill record on Tarawa kill-chart

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5150: Fighter Command Mission three

Viper: Well it was simple we had to babysit ANS New Orleans to take out raider Capship, not she would need us but we we´re there just in case , and had Sandbox and Flattop wainting in NO hangerbay so it was just fine

Well third mission is here and althought it seemed it will be hard it was nothing more than turkey shot poor rep fighters and frigate instead of something heavier resulted in bloodbath. anyway here is full report of what happened. please note astroids here we´re rich for Allaetium so they blocked sensor range. there was some asteroids in center of table and far end was full of asteroids

Viper and Angel entered table in center (sector 8) in close escort formation with ANS New Orleans, a Terran Heavy Cruiser. first activation roll was hell enemy reinforcements for Thr´engi force so another PEF apperead other PEFs moved forward and first contact was  enemy fighter patrol. Because they was clearly outclassed they try to break for it and head for reinforcements, Angel and Viper engage them destroying both without any resistance (rep 3 both of them, poor bastards!) and crisis was averted.

Angel: And then they appered from asteroid field, they dont detected us until they almost crashed into New Orleans, they must be scarred shitless because they turn right very fast. then we´ve opened fire and it was over before dogfight even started.

second contact identifited as Kal´sha class frigate with intial exchange of fire, New Orleans managed to damage beam battery of frigate and moved closer.Angel took hit from defense turrets, but he was only stunned. then New Orleans launched Sandbox and Flattop Rep 4 grunts. in next exchange the Kal´sha was unable to penetrate shields of New Orleans, but his adversary was more succesfull with two hull breach results it was over. the remaing two PEFs moved in going for straight kill on our hero flight. The PEFs we´re two Thr´engi fighter flights. Flattop and Sandbox joined Viper and Angel and outnumber first flight 2:1, Angel and Viper each of them penetrated cockpits of their opponents who was sucked into space gameover for them.

Cpt. Morrison: When I saw that frigate running towards us and I think are they serious? of course they don´t stand a chance.....

The Last two squids decided that it is better to run to fight other day, but Viper had other idea so all four ravens jumped on Thr´engi six and it was over both enemy fighters exploded under heavy Terran fire. It was over

Viper: Then those two furballs make run for it , i give only one order - Waste´em boys!

5150 Fighter Command Review - English version

While i wrote review on 5150 Fighter Command in Czech. I will now take on 5150 Fighter Command this is not translation but whole new review.

Fighter Command
So what is 5150 Fighter Command? Well simply put it is "similation" of space battles where your heroes are mostly in cockpit of starfighter - be it Colonial viper, Earth Alliance Starfuries or fighter from your own universes like mine Alliance Ravens. But more then that you can even assume control over Capship only limit is your imagination. Ever played Space combat sim - Wing Commander, Star lancer , Freespace or even Diaspora? You get the idea, you will fly mission, with random effects like encountering enemy ace, Search and Rescue objectives and more.

The fighters and Capships are either stars or grunts.Stars have free will and have few means how to survive battle, either cheating dead, or thanks to larger than life attribute. on other hand grunts are mostly there to flight, maybe taking few other ships down and then die. Imagine that your campaing is one of Syfy series - Stars are main actors like Captain Lee Adama from BSG, Luke Skywalker from SW or Blair from Wing Commander series,while grunts are Redshirts - they usually die first. and what is free will you ask?
Well some situation can call up for reaction test, fighters or Capships entered visual range, you has been fired upon, missle struck you and so on. In these cases gruntz roll on reaction tables - but dont worry they are easy to remeber and you will often use only few of them - namely received fire and countermessures test. but Stars doesnt have too roll dice they just pick the result they want. every ship in game have REP - attribute that shows how good the pilot really is. It is combination of talent, experience and morale. rep 2 are civilian "delivery boys" transport pilots while Rep 6 pilots are the fleet topguns, leading the killcharts.
GZG Kra´vak Fighters in pursuit of FSA Terran Cruiser

Game doesnt predetermined number of  turns but games continues until you completed the objectives, our your forces leaved the board. Game turn itself is pretty straightforward first is activation roll - both players roll d6 and who rolls less beging with movement. after all movement has been completed his opponent move his ships. after all movement lower side start activating his ships and performing actions (every ship can perform two actions but only one of them is fire, therefore you can perform special maneover and then fire for example) and then the player with higher score started activating his units. However not all units can be activated only those which REP is equal or lower than activation roll of player.  Moving of ships is similiar to classic to normal space wargaming ship need move half of its current speed than he can turn up to half of his turn attribute - (most fighters have turn atribute of 3) and rest on end of its movement , ships can perform sideslips or fighters can even engage their afterburnes (but they can run out of fuel for them).

Stars and Grunts also have attributes which gave them certain attributes like exceptional pilot,white knight or even Maverick. this give them "character" and every pilot then is different. there is quiet a number of these attributes, Stars have two attributes (one chosen and other random) grunts have one random.
Two FSA Terran Frigates are attacking GZG Crusty Battlecruiser. two GZG Crusty fighters providing cover 

Guns Blazin
Most dogfights and battles will happen in contact range of 5" which is game named contact range here special reaction is called between all fighters (or Capships - fighters rolls againts fighters and Capship vs Capship - no insights between Capships and fighters) here each ship involved rolls number dice equal to their REP with target number 1,2 or 3. then the ship will count his successes and the number is his iniative ratting (there is few modificators)  the ship with highest ratting acts first then next highest until all ship act. after combat has been resolved there is various received fire reactions. when ship fire at another he must roll on to hit table needed to score usually 8 , he will roll d6 and add his rep meaning fighters with Rep 5 or 6 will hit the enemy more often than fighters with REP 2 or 3 . Every weapon have target attribute meaning rate of fire - for example weapon with target 3 ratting will roll 3 times to hit. but hitting target isnt enough you then needed to roll on shield penetration with most weapons you will need to roll 2 or less. after you managed to damage fighter you roll which part has been hit - Cockpit,Comms,Guns,Engines,Shields or  Hull. When the ships is activated next time he can attempt to repair damaged system. if you has been hit into already damaged area, your fighter is destroyed. every damage affects your ship  for example if you have shield system down every hit does damage, if gun system is damaged then you cannot fire your main weapons and if comms your IFF transmitter are not working and friendly Fire and Forget missles can aquire your fighter as enemy.
Speaking of missles they are different beasts there are many types of missles as well from classic fire and forget missles to emp missles disabling Capship shields. when you fire missle enemy must roll countermeasures reaction test, in most time missles will be dealing two points damage meaning roll two times on damage table - so every missle have potential to destroy fighter in single blow. there is also mines and stealth technologies.

Studio Bergstrom fighters with custom-made Capship and Silent death fighters (Capship build and fighters painted by Michael Wikan)

PEF,CAPSHIPS, Campaings and missions
main gaming aspect durning mission are PEF standing for Possible Enemy Force. PEF  marker respresenting Radar/dradis/sensor contact. as player ships moves near (to 20" to be exact) the contact is resolved - it can be "ghost" siginal or you it can be enemy fighter wing, Capship or even enemy space station! this is resolved on special PEF contact table by using 2d6. This throw very random effect into game as you never know what enemy force you run it , sometimes it is piece of cake, but mostly you will run into opposition which is not easy to triffle with.  normally there is three PEF on board, but you can encounter enemy ace in form of random encounters or enemy could get reinforcements.
Other elements before you go on mission is Invesment and Intel level, Investment level is attribute which showing how much support you are getting from Fleet command, you can outfit your fighters with more missles or even upgrade them into better class , for example under certain circumstanes you will be tasked to fly recon mission with light fighters, but since this operation have high priority you can upgrade your fighters to medium fighters. Intel level representing recon and other information you have about enemy movements,strenght and so on. Going with bad intel into mission is really bad and nothing is more bad than discovering your are not facing 3 PEF but 9 PEF, and enemy with really good invesment level. I play such mission once, i run into two enemy cruisers and enemy fighters swarmed before i can blink.
In Campaing you will also have another stat Campaing morale both you and enemy had campaing morale which is raising or lowering in your abilities to complete given missions. your character Rep-5 star will also be giving fame points  which is similiar to xp points from different games. you can gain or lost fame points. If you gather 15 points you will gain REP 6, then you will be promoted to 1st Flight leader and then to Squadron leader. but when you lost 15 points your rep will be reduced.
There are 6 missions availible - Patrol mission, then are attack on Capital ships or instalations - either by destruction or in second version by escorting boarding vessels and two remaing are defend missions one is escort mission while other is typical Capship defense againts all out attack.
Originally lot of players has been dissapointed that there is no point cost to create forces for standoff head to head battles but thats been repaired by add-on point cost PDF. There is also another free PDF which contain stats for ships and fighters from famous universes like Battlestar Galactica, Wing Commander or Star Wars

This game is not for everyone, but if you like space fighter combat, enjoying games like Freespace 2 or Battlestar galactica where heroes are fighting againts overwhellming odds. The Mordheim style campaing, and even in solo this game is highly enjoyable. for you then i will highly recommend this game

there is some drawbacks however, i dont quite like rulebook layout and graphics (well I am spoiled by Ambush Alley publications,Grunts and even 40k books),little more missions will be nice too  but thats small drawbacks in my book.

Dogfight between GZG Crusty and Kra´vak fighters

pátek 19. září 2014

Sacred Cause - Mission two Boarding action 5150 Fighter Command

Aquiring new mat painting few fleet scale fighters i decided to move up with campaing, i ordered more fighter scale fighters and bombers. the new thing i buy some black cloth yesterday and created easy gaming mat, enhancing game much more. anyway let´s return to our heroes Viper (Rep5 star) and Angel (Rep 4 grunt) are prepearing for boarding action mission they will be escorting two boarding transports loaded with badass marines - their job is to capture enemy cruiser from inside, Alpha flight consisting of Viper and Angel are tasked to protect their rides easy as breakfast.
Alliance task force

Table was using my DIY gaming mat and few asteroids which are still not paitnted segment 1 was asteroid field as wal as number 5. Alliance forces deployed in sector 9, while PEF was in sector 1, 5 and 6. Viper and Angel was flying on Raven Medium fighters, escorting two assault transports.

Operation Area

The flight moved forward to deal with any troublemakers that may pop-up, they got fix on first two PEFs, First one was their objective Zu´kara class Cruiser, and second flight of two Ak´rah medium fighters. Our heroes move up to deal with troublemakers.

This Viper we have fix! Za´kura class cruiser designation TS Indira. Elysium 1 a 2  she´s all yours! Wait the minute, two contacts Ak´rah fighters engaging now!
Za´kura class Cruiser
Target Aquired, Fox 1 awaaay!
Target aquired! Fox 1 awaaay! Damn he´s good!
Viper here i got him! another squid bites the dust....
Viper evade! evade!

Ravens engaged enemy medium fighters, Angel (left on photo) fired his missle, Squid evaded but he ended out of sight so he must dogfight his maneovre has failed leaving him in front of Viper guns, who blew him up from the skies. the second open-up but result was he miss all fire. in consquence he tailed his back and run before Alliance fighter could catch him (they fired missles but he was able to evade.) Cruiser started moving in and Alliance started to deal with cruiser.
Boarding Operations begin

Get tactical marines!

Cruiser openup fire from his turrets and was able to hit one of the boarding crafts in cockpit, stunning  pilot, but second one was able to board it. Marines quickly overcome enemy resistence and seized bridge. second dropship unloaded his cargo to deal with any leftovers in cruiser. In moment of capture another message comes in Alliance convoy has been ambushed and last remaing transport has moving through location of battle followed by two Ak´rah fighters.

To all Terran forces in area this is transport Echo 466, we are under Thr´engi attack anyone please assist, this is transport Echo 466 someone, anyone please respond!

This is Alpha flight from ANS Tarawa, hold there 466 we are on the way!
Transport Echo 466 under attack

Viper and his wingmen has move away from escort formation to protect the transport and attacked enemy flight and Angel destroyed another squid fighter. The Second one evaded Viper IR missle
Protecting transport

That´s right squiggy run! and tell your octopa-admiral that you has been beaten by Pumas!

The Thr´eng forces decided this too much for them and begin their retreat, Alliance fighter decided to let them go.

This mission was huge success, not only the vital intel has been gathered, but our heroes also saved civilian convoy and rout enemy forces in this sector.

středa 17. září 2014

5150 Fighter Command another AAR - this time first mission in campaing

I take my Fleetscale fighters from GZG and mounted them on bases, while GZG crusty fighters representing our  kind - the Terran Alliance, Kra´vak fighters are representing Thr´engi, squid resembling race which is in war with humans for over 70 years. Thr´engi human conflict is based on few RPG campaings we played in my hometown about 14-12 years ago.

Humans now starting operation Sacred Cause to drive out Thr´engi forces from Deri system, our pilots are members of ANS Tarawa 3rd Squadron "Pumas". Initial push into system drive Thr´engi Carrier group Lasha into hiding and it is Tarawa job to put them out from their misery.

First mission assigned to third flight of Pumas was reconnisance mission of nearby asteroid field, again played at home i will star building some asteroids and making some nebula markers. here is overall map of area

Left side contained two minefields, middle asteroid field and dust cloud and right side one asteroid field

Our Hero Sandman (Rep 5 Star) and his trusty wingman Angel (Rep 4 Grunt) has been flying Perseus light fighters for this Op they has been issued two more rockets....

The Pumas went in with good intel but still enemy is lurking somewhere out there......

"This Angel  we´re entering patrol area so far so good ....... whoooaaa wait a minute i got three sketchy siginals could be squids, should we check it out?"

"Thats negative Angel, we go in check out the Navs and get out! if we encounter any Squids we blow them out of the skies but no heroics."

"Yes, sir!"

Perseus started in sector two with no "terrain" and starting closing towards nearest Nav point, nearer PEF moved 8" towards them while second only 4" and last one remained in place. the first PEF has been resolved as squid medium fighter flight but they showed our heroes sides of their fighters but they we´re too far to engage now.

"Squid fighters! two of them, orders?"

"Punch it! let´s take em before they call more friends"

Second marker moved 4" toward our heroes, while squid fighters tried to maneovre to engage human fighter, whom did the same thing. thankfully human reflexes were better and they fired first and blew up both fighters from skies

"Closing in! got him! got him!"

"Say good night squid! This Viper to Tarawa, we engaged Squid patrol, two medium fighters please Advise."

"Tarawa to Alpha 1, mission is still go, proceed with mission."

After succesfull combat second PEF closed in and again medium fighter wing with turned backs on our humble patrol.

"Angel here, another squid flight three o´clock! engage?"

"Negative we try to lose them in that asteroid field, hit burners!"

Human fighters tried to evade the Thr´engi patrol in asteroid field using afterburners, while squids try to outrun them by bypassing field from other side, third contact resolved as false alarm. Squid fighters cleared the field, and came into sights of human fighters before they can change direction, humans launched their missles and both fighters we´re not able to launch decoys and we´re instantly destroyed.

"I´ve got lock!"
"Bleep! and it is over!"
"Confrimed kill, Angel"

Flight then checked both remaing points and head home.
"This is Alpha leader mission acomplished, RTB"