neděle 16. listopadu 2014

Timeline miniatures

Moving into new gaming club, i need to have some ww2 terrain although, there are some buildings for WH Fantasy, Mordheim and Malifux i wanted something more specific knowing that Timeline miniatures buildings are great i ordered some of them. Before my friend move out in to different town he owned timeline miniatures buildings from first time there was great - removable roofs level of cutomization when you build them and of course the price.
I ordered 4 buildings from Timeline miniatures on sunday and they arrived friday pretty fast if you ask me.  my list was two farmhouse ruins, one shed and small animal pen building. I assembled them yesterday so i will give you some pics so you will see how big they are and so on let´s start with Small animal pen building.

Well this kit is big for its price, you will get small barn and small pen for animals, the courtyard of this building is big enough to fit smaller tank, StuH42 has no problem so you should fit Stuart, or even Sherman there, building is big enough to provide shelter for one maybe two squads of infantry however, since building have no openings fields of fire are limited, this kit is so far my favorite - roofs removable to nicely move infantry inside and big courtyard.

another building is small shed while building isnt much big small squad,command or observer team can fit the building without problem, well the building isnt too small since you can hide tank behind it

The third building is ruined farmhouse which is one floor ruin, its big and can make great defense positions for infantry squads, the ruin itself unlike some other ruins i saw have various rooms so there can be lot of room to room fighting for them. there is also one sheet of "bits"

 I can recommend Timeline miniatures, they are cheap, high quality detailed sets customer service is superB, way to go Timeline. You can expect more building reviews in 2015 as i need church as well as more buildings.

úterý 4. listopadu 2014

5150:Fighter Command "Quiet Patrol"

Haven´t played game for while but today i decided to give it some run, continue in my campaing and testing new classes. Both side now have light,medium and heavy fighters/bombers as well  as range of Capships.
so we left our campaing where few pilots has been rescued and squigs were heavily beaten. Now few weeks later Viper and Anubis are conducting patrol mission

Mission layout was simple - patrol few asteroids and two dust clouds, Viper and Anubis flew their Arrow light fighters. 3 PEFs we´re generated two in far side of mission area one in the middle.

Viper: "This is Alpha flight, entering mission area now picking up three bogies! closing on waypoint one."
Tarawa actual:"Tarawa actual, you are weapons free, godspeed"
Viper:  "Damn EWS detected us, wing of Lyco light fighters closing fast, we cant evade engaging!"

The mission went SNAFU from beginning at first activation i roll random event - spy sattelite so wing of Thr´engi light fighters appeared and close on Terran fighters, first but not last dogfight begun

Terran fighters gain the upperhand and engaged first, Anubis hit the enemy fighter pentrating hull, but squid remained in game, Viper hitted second fighter two times destroying his shield subsystem and damagining hull. now the squid returned fire, blewing Anubis, alien fighters then tried to outmaneover single fighter but they failed , Viper launched his rockets taking fighter down, second fighter tried perform yaw turn but failed. In second strafe Viper knocked off pilot and then return to patrol path

Viper: "Alpha 1 here! Enemy activity much larger than we though, Anubis is gone, i read no life pod, pressumed KIA"
Tarawa Actual: " Roger Alpha proceed with mission" 
Viper: "IFF confrimed! two Teuthide medium fighters evading!"
First PEF was ghost siginal but second was two medium fighters, and Viper decided to make run around nebula to hit third waypoint, his arrow was way faster than Teuthides but he cannot outmached them in fair fight.

And Squid Lyco wing appeared just in near waypoint, and our hero was now outnumbered 4:1, there was no way how he can complete mission without be drawn into fight with squid and most propably will be destroyed in process, but still Viper decided to break through Lycos and then somehow hit the Teuthides hard.

Viper: "More squids picking up two Lycos in my fly path....."
Tarawa actual: "Break,Break disengage and RTB Viper!"
Viper: "Additional contacts! wait a minute.... picking up Alliance transponders!"
Hotshot: "This is Echo Flight from ANS Paris, looks like you could use hand"
Viper: "Glad to see you Hellcats, lets pop some squids!"
Tarawa actual: First order negative, proceed we are now dispatching SAR flight

Viper taked command of Hellcats now third fighters closed on Lyco fighters, engaging them Viper hit the side of first fighter blowing up his cockpit while Hotshot and Breakdown engaged second riping Thr´engi fighter appart. Teuthides fighter now come around cloud and once again Alliance fighters was on offensive , Hellcats fired their missle payload and blewing both fighters from sky. The fighters from first dogfight managed to wake up after be stunned for some turns and decided that this too much and turn tail and run.

The Alliance managed to reach second way point, but new Thr´engi wing arrived group of Teuthides joined the battle.

Hotshot: "Echo 1 to Alpha proceed to your final waypoint, we deal with these guys"
Viper: "Roger that, thanks for assist Hotshot"
Hotshot: " It was pleasure sir"

Viper make run for final waypoint while Hell cats engaged the Teuthides, ripping appart the first fighter second fighter survived and returned fire but without effect. Breakdown make second pass and blew him by obliterting his engines which explodes riping appart enemy fighter

Another succesfull mission, no improve in campaing but good game next mission will defense (i rolled on my table so every mission is generic instead of table)