středa 17. září 2014

5150 Fighter Command another AAR - this time first mission in campaing

I take my Fleetscale fighters from GZG and mounted them on bases, while GZG crusty fighters representing our  kind - the Terran Alliance, Kra´vak fighters are representing Thr´engi, squid resembling race which is in war with humans for over 70 years. Thr´engi human conflict is based on few RPG campaings we played in my hometown about 14-12 years ago.

Humans now starting operation Sacred Cause to drive out Thr´engi forces from Deri system, our pilots are members of ANS Tarawa 3rd Squadron "Pumas". Initial push into system drive Thr´engi Carrier group Lasha into hiding and it is Tarawa job to put them out from their misery.

First mission assigned to third flight of Pumas was reconnisance mission of nearby asteroid field, again played at home i will star building some asteroids and making some nebula markers. here is overall map of area

Left side contained two minefields, middle asteroid field and dust cloud and right side one asteroid field

Our Hero Sandman (Rep 5 Star) and his trusty wingman Angel (Rep 4 Grunt) has been flying Perseus light fighters for this Op they has been issued two more rockets....

The Pumas went in with good intel but still enemy is lurking somewhere out there......

"This Angel  we´re entering patrol area so far so good ....... whoooaaa wait a minute i got three sketchy siginals could be squids, should we check it out?"

"Thats negative Angel, we go in check out the Navs and get out! if we encounter any Squids we blow them out of the skies but no heroics."

"Yes, sir!"

Perseus started in sector two with no "terrain" and starting closing towards nearest Nav point, nearer PEF moved 8" towards them while second only 4" and last one remained in place. the first PEF has been resolved as squid medium fighter flight but they showed our heroes sides of their fighters but they we´re too far to engage now.

"Squid fighters! two of them, orders?"

"Punch it! let´s take em before they call more friends"

Second marker moved 4" toward our heroes, while squid fighters tried to maneovre to engage human fighter, whom did the same thing. thankfully human reflexes were better and they fired first and blew up both fighters from skies

"Closing in! got him! got him!"

"Say good night squid! This Viper to Tarawa, we engaged Squid patrol, two medium fighters please Advise."

"Tarawa to Alpha 1, mission is still go, proceed with mission."

After succesfull combat second PEF closed in and again medium fighter wing with turned backs on our humble patrol.

"Angel here, another squid flight three o´clock! engage?"

"Negative we try to lose them in that asteroid field, hit burners!"

Human fighters tried to evade the Thr´engi patrol in asteroid field using afterburners, while squids try to outrun them by bypassing field from other side, third contact resolved as false alarm. Squid fighters cleared the field, and came into sights of human fighters before they can change direction, humans launched their missles and both fighters we´re not able to launch decoys and we´re instantly destroyed.

"I´ve got lock!"
"Bleep! and it is over!"
"Confrimed kill, Angel"

Flight then checked both remaing points and head home.
"This is Alpha leader mission acomplished, RTB"

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