neděle 18. ledna 2015

1:600 Fistful of Tows

O8 Type ZTZ-99A MBT
I got special present from my wife, Fistful of Tows III book for chirstmas and since then i was searching how to play it there is however i got problem with rules which are 1:5 and that was the problem why i never got into rapidfire gaming - i cannot convice myself to pretend that tank or squad infantry represent platoon or company.this blog  use different way, mounting 3mm miniatures on blog to represent platoon - although smaller whole effect is much better and believable. And thus way has been chosen

Yes for most 28mm players 3mm miniatures seems to be too small but in reality they are very detailed and nice, i planned play Hind commander (have rules and forces for it but never really got too much into playing it) for those who dont heard or see the miniatures it is worth to look out on Picoarmour page.
Cold War Gone Hot M60 engaging Soviets (Source:O8)

While seeying fully painted companies or battalions in 6mm is nice there is big magic if you see two divisions aimed to crush each other - every treadhead agree when he saw over 100 tanks per side supported by artillery, helicopters, and even infantry.
US Heavy hitters on hunt (Source Tinytanks 3mm blog)

but main dilema is what to play - Arab-Isreali wars, Cold War gone hot,Georgia crisis get out of control or even Chinese versus US would be nice, miniatures arent problem since O8 have vast range which to choose from and forces are really cheap.

but now i need to figure out which two armies i will collect first.....

sobota 3. ledna 2015

Able Archer in motion again....

I resumed my work on Able Archer tabletop game, for those who didnt know it Able Archer is easy-to play 6mm game set in Late Cold War in hypothetical world war III. For testings i ordered Heroics and Ros British and Soviet battlegroup. British battlegroup consists of two scorpions 8 Cheftians and 3 Challengers, the soviet force is much larger consisting of 14 T-64B with ERA and 3 PT-76.

I started painting Soviet forces first although i have some other soviet vehicles - T72s, BMP+-2s and infantry i want firstly paint the new tanks and started with first tank platoon more will surely follow

I still looking for beta testers who are willing to test game