pátek 20. února 2015

Test of FFT AAR

I want to get feel of Fistfull of tows before i crack through main book i tried demoversion of Fistfull of Tows, i put up company of T64 againts Cheftian platoon.

You can also download sample rules on following links if you want to test how FFT "feels", the system is simplified but in overall you get how the game works. here download WW2 or Modern.

British orders was to hold village while Soviet Company was rolling on them. Cheftians formed defense line in village and waited in overwatch for Reds. T64s were rolling toward the village and when they came to effective range the cheftians open-up

BAOR forces managed to knock out two of T64s and even they returned fire and destroyed one of the UK tank. British knocked out two more T64s, but Soviet morale hold and forced British to pull back for a bit and form another defense line outside Soviet effective range.
Since their wrong reform of defense line T64 managed to get into to the flank of British and knock out another cheftian, who returned fire and knock out another T64 and pull out to the last defense line near Cow-shed. Situation was desperate for both sides - duel 1:1. Cheftian shot first but misses T64 returned fire blowing cheftian turret off Soviets was victorious but it was close.

FFT is nice clean system hopefully i will get into real playing system is fast furious, need to read up through full rules i got few ideas how to play it solo but looking forward to try it with my friends.

Scottia grendel Moderns review

I heard all good stuff about Scottia Grendel 6mm range, from czech historical wargaming scene and even on forums like Cold War Commander or TMPs. I needed few things to beef up the armies and give it try. I dont really wanted to write negative article about Scottia but these my thoughts and maybe i only choose older models. but anyway here it is

British range
At first we will like at Harrier which i think it is pretty cool model nicely detailed, i looking forward to paint this aircraft. next is Land Rover pretty nice model - but i like rovers nice vehicles. next are FV432s and FV439 signals both nice vehicles although FV439 came with antenas which i cannot figure out how they fit on models but thats problem on my side since i never saw FV439 in sig version. Last are AS-90 which are post cold war era but they are nice vehicles. propably best model from models i ordered.

Well the Reds, i will start from models i liked most first it was KA-255b which is reallly big truck nicely done will look perfect on battlefield, another model which looks nice and how it should be is GAZ66 signals, they should fit as civilian vehicles if you playing in game where NATO is pushing soviets back (or even some Georgia/Chechnya themed games) next are BRDM-2 and BRDM2 Malyutka nicely detailed and well scale-wise.  2S3 Akatysia is also nice model nicely massive as Akatysia should be. GAZ69 softskin enough say there are some issues around forward wheels on some of the models but it is good - i will use them for civilians so no issue here. and now the not so good models BTR-80 while the model is nice the main problem is gun there is huge amount of flash around it to the hull and even if you cut it out by knife to clean it there is high propability you would break the gun. and last model is Mi-24 Hind biggest dissapointed of my whole order i should expect something like this but you could never be prepeared for such things.Well i was expecting something in quality of HR Lynx and instead i got this- it is really bad model but cockpit frame is undetailed, and hull is lacking more details - i would propably get rid of them and replace them with HR or GHQ hinds - as this helicopter should be represented by better model as it is icon of WARPAC.

SG isnt bad manufacturer but i think they will get more if they do quality control check - HR is much better in this way on other hand SG models are nice too but flash around guns is bad especially around MGs, i tried to take pics they are below but i will take Heroics over Scottia any day (i would not compare to GHQ because that is different league)

Your opinions?

čtvrtek 19. února 2015

FATFRANKs roads review

Since i was looking on ebay for some cheap terrain i want to aquire for my 6mm gaming i run into FATFRANKs products - these are handmade latex terrain - roads and rivers in various scales from 1:300 to 28mm, i didnt ordered the other scales yet but maybe i will get some for Bolt Action.

I ordered two sets of winded roads and intersection set for 6mm. While FF are selling also straight sections i wanted to  roads be more realistic and most of roads here in Central Europe arent straight to selection came to this winded sets. the set consisting of three section each approx. 30cm long and 3cm wide. each road is homemade so every segment is unique, these roads are also made on order so you can specify your needs for gaming which is think really good customer care.

the second set crossroads are consisting of  one crossroad, 4 T-sections and one turn. FATFRANK also sells various similiar river sets (although bit different in shape) each set have cost about 6 pounds and postage was free when i order it, ofcourse you can build it your own - but if you dont have time or you are lazy i think this can be solution for you. i would minimaly buy roads from him  and finaly here is link

Scale comparsion 6mm

Scottia Grendel buildings mini review

In process of creating of my 6mm forces i needed also terrain i put order on Leven but i also needed some things from Scottia Grendel for my Soviets and British so i order four buildings (three modern houses and one factory unit). I didnt expect much from them since they were each 0.5 pound.

Well when my stuff arrived i wasnt expecting this - buildings are big  modern house 4cm long, 2,5cm wide and 3cm tall. it is typical storey house with garage, the building seems little out of scale, and have little much flash  for my taste.

the factory unit seems more like farm building - when i saw it think cow shed, but can be also usefull for Warpac bases, durning my time in AČR we had similiar buildings in motorpool area. the building is 6cm long 2cm wide and 2cm tall.

as i wrote before, there is little to much flash for my taste and buildings are little big, but this is not big deal if  you have your forces based and especially if you using main force infantry which is in prone poses. But if price is really good, scottia have some other buildings availible and i would propably order more when i will be getting some other things from scottia.

středa 18. února 2015

6mm Cold War Soviets and Brits decesions decisions

It was inevitable. Our massive preparations have gone far too long for us to simply stand down. We were like a coiled spring, ready to throw ourselves into the fray. All we waited for was one word: 'Attack!'

Nedalo se to zastavit, naše masivní připravy trvali přiliš dlouho, abychom jen tak přestali. Byli jsme jak natažená pružina, připravení vrhnout se do boje. Čekali jsme pouze na jediný rozkaz - zaútočte!

6mm microarmour attracted me for very long time, when i bumpup on page called Red Rick Microarmour page , it is long offline but you can still view it through wayback machine - internet archive http://web.archive.org/web/20080727013558/http://www.redrick.net/ and also good page for reference is 6mm wargaming.

Sometime ago i wrote Able Archer game system which was designed for combat durning 1983-85  on europe while i enjoyed writting such a system in the end few people played it like it but i never saw it outside the playtesting comunity although few people wrote good reference on it. so i looked into other systems i have namely Cold War Commander and Fistfull of Tows III

I have relatively small armies for Cold War gaming - British battlegroup consisting of British mixed tank company consisting mostly of cheftians and one platoon of Challengers, i also have understrenght battalion of british infantry - two companies worth from which one is mechanised in FV432 and supporting weapons MILANs and Mortars. some other vehicles like Land Rovers, Scorpions or Swingfires, they have also air support in form of one Harrier.
 Second army i have are Soviets, this is much larger army consisting of two understrenght tank battalions - one T64BV and second consisting of T80, two supporting infantry companies one in BTR80 and second in BMPs, support for this group is much larger but similiar to british group, air cover is provided by two MIG-17s, two Mi-24 Hinds, two 2S3 Akatysia can provide firesupport, group can be also supported by BRDM-2 equipped with Sagger missles and two reconnisance group provide eyes and ears - one equipped with BRDM-2s and second mounted in PT-76b.
Third army is something i plan to expand soon Americans - this army was originaly meant for Able Archer but can be used in almost any system - it is based on great book from Harold Coyle Team Yankee. if you know the book you propably will know  - 14 M1 Tanks, few M901 ITVs and infantry platoon mounted in  M113 APCs nothing serious, but i plan to expand infantry, equip them with Bradleys and add some other assets.

In past two weeks i finally started working on my armies painted few british vehicles - scorpion recce platoon cheftian platoon and two Challengers, and T64BV tank company ( in reality it is understrenght company with one platoon from other company :D)   the photos of these units are under article

Question is what system to choose?

6mm microarmour mě přitahuje už velmi dlouho, vlastně od dob kdy jsem narazil na stránku Red Rick Microarmour page, už dávno nefunguje ale lze si jí prohlídnout přes Wayback machine  další výbornou stránkou o 6mm wargamingu je stránka stejného jména http://6mm.wargaming.info/index.htm

Před nějakým časem jsem napsal pravidla zvaná Able Archer, herní systém určeny pro microarmour pro boje v roce 83-85, ačkoliv playtest proběhl dobře nakonec se hra přiliš neujala , a ja jsem se začal poohlížet po ostatních herních systémech které mám doma - Cold War Commander a Fistfull of Tows III.

Mám relativně malé armády do 6mm wargamingu (když to porovnáte s armádami k vidění na různých webech nebo youtubu) - Britská armáda obsahuje mixovanou tankovou rotu složenou hlavně z tanků Cheftian ale obsahuje i četu novějších tanků Challenger. armáda také obsahuje prapor pěchoty ale pouze jedna četa je v tento moment mechanizovana. armáda netrpí ani nedostatkem pěchotních zbraní, má dostačný arzenál týmu MILAN a minometných družstev. dále v Britském battlegroupu najdete land rovery, Scorpiony, AS-90ky a Swingfiry. letecké krytí zajištuje  Harrier GR.3

Další armádou jsou Sověti, tento battlegroup je o dost větší než ten britský. Je složen ze dvou menších praporů tanků - jeden je vybaven tanky T64BV druhý pak tanky T80. BG disponuje 2 četami pěchoty jedny vybavené vozidly BMP-2 druhá má k dispozici vozidla BTR-80. dále je tvořen různými "softskin" vozidly, BRDM-2 vybavených střelami Sagger, vzdušnou podporu poskytují Migy-17 a helikoptéry Mi-24 Hind o průzkum se starají dvě skupiny jedna vybavená obrněnci PT-76b a druhá vozidly BRDM-2. Dělostřelckou podporu poskytují dvě 2S3 Akatysia

Posledním battlegroupem který mám, jsou Američané. tuto armádu hodlám v budoucnu rozšiřít. Původně byla určena pro hru Able Archer ale lze ho použít v jakémkoliv herním systému. Armáda je vytvořena podle knihy od Harolda Coyla s názvem Team Yankee. kdo knihu zná vý jak armáda vypadá základ tvoří 14 tanků M1 Abrams, několika vozidly M901ITV a četou pěchoty ve vozidlech M113, armáda nemá žádnou leteckou či dělostřeleckou podporu, ale v planu je rozšíření pěchoty ve vozidlech Bradley  a podpůrné jednotky.

V posledních dvou týdnech jsem zapracoval v barvení a konečně jsem nějak modely nabarvil - četu Cheftianů, dva Challangery, dva Scorpiony, a četu růských T-64ek

Teď jenom zvolit herní systém....

pondělí 2. února 2015

quick solo PZ8 AAR

To try PZ8 rules i decided to play quick game set in Cold War gone hot scenario - british on soviet tank fest. 

Near town of Dehnberg small british force consisting of three Cheftians and two new Challengers were tasked to hold until relieved, but soon Soviets came. Their forward echelon force were six T64BVs.
British were holding two hills in outskirts of Dehnberg but for how long?

Soviets diveded their force in two forces - first four T64s aimed to root out Cheftians from first hill and two remaing Soviet tanks move up to deal with Challengers or atleast to hold them long enough.
T64s moved forward and opened fire but their first shots missed their mark. Cheftians now in better positions open up knocking out one of the Soviet tank.
T64BVs flanking force closing on Challengers

Three T64s were closing toward to point Baxter which was held by platoon of Cheftian tanks. they´ve opened fire neutralizing first Cheftians, Challengers decided to move up to support Cheftians before they would be overrun. Cheftians rushed forward in hope to get into better range, but unable to hit T64s, they returned fire and another Cheftian, the remaing tried to pull out destroying another T64 in process. Cheftian now in range  knocking T64 from flanking force while second T64 seek cover in Dehnberg waiting for Challengers to close in when his can would be effective againts their armor.
Soviets Holding point Baxter
Challengers were now outnumbered 3:2 but British commander decided to root out Soviets - or die trying. Flanking T64 break cover and opened fire on flank armor of Challenger knock him of outright, remaing T64 suppresed second Challenger, tank quickly recover but T64s were all around him like hungry wolves and in matter of seconds last british tank perish.

PZ8 is interesting system its quick deadly and easy,  mechanics are easy to explain (i think) and it offers some tactical posibilities, will run few other games but one things is sure PZ8 is sandbox and you need add few other things, to suit your play but hey those rules are free.

i apologize for terrain because currently was all i can scavenge at home.i need roads, houses and forests
but now i need proper new scifi force propably Brigade models Neosoviets and Pacfed

Panzer Eight Coldwar stats

Vzhledem k tomu že jsem včera uploadoval česká pravidla pro Panzereight Scifi, rozhodl jsem se protože ačkoliv mám spoustu Scifi miniatur že použiji nejprve svá vozidla pro Cold War zejména Brity a Sověty tak vytvořím nějaké staty pro vozidla která mám doma

I released czech translation of Panzer 8 Scifi, i decided although i own many scifi miniatures in 6mm i use rules for Cold war wargaming - i created stats for some units i have now - Soviets and Brits


T64BV                                                                                                                               bodů/points:18
T64BV Scottia -6mmwargaming
Move/Pohyb : 4"
Range/Dostřel: 16"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 4
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 6

T72                                                                                                                                 bodů/points:16.5
T72M1 GHQ - GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 4"
Range/Dostřel: 16"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 4
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 5

PT-76                                                                                                                                 bodů/points:11
PT76 GHQ - GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 5"
Range/Dostřel: 12"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 3
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 3

BMP-2                                                                                                                                bodů/points:8
BMP2 GHQ - GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 4"
Range/Dostřel: 10"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 3
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 3


Cheftian  MBT                                                                                                                 bodů/points:16
Cheftian MkV GHQ - GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 3"
Range/Dostřel: 16"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 4
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 5
Defense/Obrana: 4

Challenger mk1                                                                                                                bodů/points:21
Challenger mk1 GHQ/GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 3"
Range/Dostřel: 18"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 4
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 6
Defense/Obrana: 5
Hi-tech Fire control/Hitech řízení střelby

FV432                                                                                                                               bodů/points:6
FV432 GHQ/ GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 4"
Range/Dostřel: 8"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 3
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: -
Defense/Obrana: 1

Pěchota (univerzalní pro všechny)                                                                                  bodů/points:3.5
UK Infantry GHQ/ GHQ.com
Move/Pohyb : 2"
Range/Dostřel: 8"
Vs Soft/ Proti Soft: 3
VS Armour/ Proti Pancíři: 4
Defense/Obrana: 0