sobota 27. září 2014

5150:Fighter command thought so far

I played handfull games of 5150 FC, but there things i like and i like, you can agree or disagree since there
are my opinions.

5150 Fighter command is great game, it execute well some concepts like dogfights, combat involving larger ships, campaings. however there are things i don´t like and things that could be better.

So in case you miss my review which you can read here , here is quick overview what 5150:Fighter Command is all about.

In Fighter command you assume role of flight leader of space fighter, you are executing missions like patrols, attack on cap ships escorts and many more, every mission is different , thanks to random encouters, random reinforcements, intel levels. You can run into heavy enemy activity with two or three light fighters and deciding if you finish your patrol or turn tail and run, sometimes your heavy carrier appears in nick of time and some times its just rutine and you didnt encounter anyone. Pretty good stuff. This game also isnt your typical wargame since you have full control of your main character but other fighters are run through reaction tables and you cant knew what they will do.

So what could be done better? i will be maybe jumping from topic to topic, but hope you guys get the point
base system is solid reaction system is easy to hang on after two or three games. but there are things that will maybe make game better - some which i will make up via homerules. But first thing which will be greatly concern me is campaing rules where basics are great some random generator for your starting forces will be great for example - while there is similair according to your invesment vs enemy invesment level greater varienty will be better. another is gaing fame and experience you are rising/lowering your rep according how well you peform as pilot/leader but you also getting promoted but there is no point in this because it hasnt have any effect (meaning being promoted to 1st flight leader or squadron leader) another problem is with mission generator for campaing - you starting with patrol, then boarding action then attack and then attack attack until you win or lose and then you begin with patrol again not bad but some random element here will help.

another thing which is good by needing to be enhanced is random encounters almost every mission there is high propability some unussual event will happen but since there is only six of them they starting to keep repeating, when we were playing Mordheim our gaming group created more random encounters and this can be done for FC - imagine events like mysterious fighters - i taken this from original Freespace game where Shivan fighters appeared for the first time (mission was called from night into the darkness). Mysterious fighters will be armed with best shields,weapons and more maneoverable that anything in "other" races arsenal - randomly come in one of the game sectors and target nearest ship/wing - enemy or yours it doesnt matter who is closest buys the farm, after they fullifil their role they jump out but if you manage to destroy them before they jump out you will get boost to morale, or imagine one of your pilots turn traitor, possibilities are many. while reinforcements is little sporadic, while it is okay for most missions sometimes i will like more greater battles sometime maybe some escalation level before mission.

Mission types are good, but even here more can be better, but it is okay as it is we will see if upcoming expansion will show us more

 another concern is missles while they work fine in larger battles in one on one dogfights they seems lacking something, maybe made them faster and maneovarble version of torps would make them better but just a thought. so what are your thoughts on 5150 FC do you disagree or agree?

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