sobota 20. září 2014

5150: Fighter Command Mission three

Viper: Well it was simple we had to babysit ANS New Orleans to take out raider Capship, not she would need us but we we´re there just in case , and had Sandbox and Flattop wainting in NO hangerbay so it was just fine

Well third mission is here and althought it seemed it will be hard it was nothing more than turkey shot poor rep fighters and frigate instead of something heavier resulted in bloodbath. anyway here is full report of what happened. please note astroids here we´re rich for Allaetium so they blocked sensor range. there was some asteroids in center of table and far end was full of asteroids

Viper and Angel entered table in center (sector 8) in close escort formation with ANS New Orleans, a Terran Heavy Cruiser. first activation roll was hell enemy reinforcements for Thr´engi force so another PEF apperead other PEFs moved forward and first contact was  enemy fighter patrol. Because they was clearly outclassed they try to break for it and head for reinforcements, Angel and Viper engage them destroying both without any resistance (rep 3 both of them, poor bastards!) and crisis was averted.

Angel: And then they appered from asteroid field, they dont detected us until they almost crashed into New Orleans, they must be scarred shitless because they turn right very fast. then we´ve opened fire and it was over before dogfight even started.

second contact identifited as Kal´sha class frigate with intial exchange of fire, New Orleans managed to damage beam battery of frigate and moved closer.Angel took hit from defense turrets, but he was only stunned. then New Orleans launched Sandbox and Flattop Rep 4 grunts. in next exchange the Kal´sha was unable to penetrate shields of New Orleans, but his adversary was more succesfull with two hull breach results it was over. the remaing two PEFs moved in going for straight kill on our hero flight. The PEFs we´re two Thr´engi fighter flights. Flattop and Sandbox joined Viper and Angel and outnumber first flight 2:1, Angel and Viper each of them penetrated cockpits of their opponents who was sucked into space gameover for them.

Cpt. Morrison: When I saw that frigate running towards us and I think are they serious? of course they don´t stand a chance.....

The Last two squids decided that it is better to run to fight other day, but Viper had other idea so all four ravens jumped on Thr´engi six and it was over both enemy fighters exploded under heavy Terran fire. It was over

Viper: Then those two furballs make run for it , i give only one order - Waste´em boys!

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