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Project Moon Grunt

From the blue-white vistas over Earth, to the ocher sands of Mars
We are vanguard of Man´s rise, from the earth out to the stars
As humanity spreads to ther worlds and learns what our heritage means,
We will proudly bear the banner of the United States Marines! -Ian Douglas Semper Mars

For quite long time i am playing Ambush Alley Games Tomorrows War. Personally i prefer this system better than any other 15mm scifi rulesets. Main reason is that TW is sandbox and you can play anything in terms of scifi you can think of if it is related to scifi ground combat.
The project Moon Grunt first hit my mind when Ground Zero Games started releasing their Moon
Grunt Range which consists of armed forces in near future space suits. While GZG has been producing EVA suit figures both armed and unarmed, they were pretty faction unspecific but with release of US Marines and Chinese Lunar troops in space suits the idea hit me so i slowly started working on something that i call project Moon Grunt. Whole concept of this unofficial expansion book is infantry firefights between space-superpowers (China, Russia, USA, EU, British Commonwealth and Japan) on planets and moons of our solar system.  We already have rules for EVA combat with TW ruleset but we would like to expand it further with new set of Scenarios, Fog of War cards and TOE for Extra-planetary forces as well as vehicles produced by GZG.

GZG Lunar Marines painted by Ralph from the Colours into space
If you havent checked GZG Moongrunt range yet, which is most unlikely you should check it out here , GZG offeres two factions althoughter with vehicle support for both sides and you can even borrow vehicles from their HI-mobility and drone range to support your troops.

This whole new concept of fighting (atleast within 15mm rulesets) can offer tacticaly challenging new enviroment which can bring whole new breath into gaming. And while the inspiration is sparse, most of it is good and it doesnt matter if you fighting on Mars, Luna, Europa or ISS or some different celestial object

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