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Product review: Scenario generator for Scifi Scenarios

Since we play lot of 15mm scifi platoon based actions in last weeks i decided to search for scenarios for our group and found out this product of Wargamevault from Nordic Weasel.
I own many of NW products including Company Commander, Laserstorm, FAD , both In sight books and many others. So I knew what to expect and was curios about this product.
For price of approx. 2 dollars you got 15 page publication full of  various generators including:
  • Reasons of Conflict (Why your forces are fighting in first place)
  • Size of force (here is choice from three columns one for platoon up to battalion second one  is for big scale games up to Reinforced Regiment and third is for skrimish scale (few figures up to platoon)
  • Relative size of  force ( various margin modiferers)
  • Army composition and support elements (whatever your force are scouting force or armoured platoon
  • Troop quality (How good and motivated your troops are)
  •  mission objectives - recon extraction and various other things for typical skrimish/platoon based actions
  •  Another objective generator is battle generator which is meant for larger actions but i can see it possible for reinforced platoon/company actions as well as name suggest it is least specific - holding line, Capturing sector etc
  • Terrain generator (Overall table layout, and specific sector terrain)
  • Side mission (various specific objectives for particular units to give some spice to your games)
  • Unexpected curcimstances ( another story-based generator to spice games like tunels, minefields and other things 
The generators can give you plenty of various different scenarios for your game and can keep you intersted for time being. While yes you can do similiar generator at home this product is well produced for the price.
You will propably didnt use all them but if you dont have time to devise scenario and still want to play game of SGII or Tomorrows War you can use of these and have nice and funny game

If you ask me i would recommend this book to every platoon action scifi player


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