sobota 10. února 2018

Gamemat.EU Terrain review

Modern Warfare walls and bunkers
Our club have some of terrain mostly for our 40k games but yesterday when we played (maybe more than in 28mm :D)
Tomorrow´s War game. We used parts from Industrial set and Modern Warfare set. While modern set is marked as multiscale, industrial set isnt but the generators worked as well in this scale.

This kits while how higher pricetag came prepainted resin pieces, and ready to rock, they are very durable and nice.but now lets look onto sets themselves first we will begin with Modern Warfare set contains 10 walls, 4 lower bunkers and 4 higher ones. while walls are higher the 15mm infantry seems to be capable to fire thru "firing ports".

The bunkers/towers itself  are morelike "scifi sentry towers" since there arent any firing ports on bunkers but it looks cool and thats all that matters. But since they are meant to be multi-scale i understand that.

Generators from Industrial sets
The second set we used is Industrial set which is meant for 28mm miniatures, the main building, 4 generators, 4 containers (they are big but can be used as skycrapper style building since it have grating which with scale 15mm looks like as windows. 2 pipe set which seemed to big for this scale. and 12 ammo boxes which works fine.

As you can see on pics the kits itself are very detailed and nicely painted, these kits can enhance your battlefield and propably should the industrial set is very very nice, and from those which can be used in 28-15mm scale and some of them even in 6mm/10mm. If you are lacking terrain, and you want to set up battlefield in no time i recommend these kits. but it can make perfect addition to any scenery collection

Gamemat also offers as name suggest large number of mats which can be used across many systems
and scales. be sure to at least vist their page.


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