neděle 18. února 2018

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader Strange New Worlds

Four years ago i written nice review of Strike Legion Platoon eader, in that time Scifi 15mm has at it peek, and Platoon Leader has been left in shadow of game that everybody talked back then and today is the same - Ambush Alley Tomorrows War.

Strike Legion is nice solid system but original was more or less only sandbox where you have to do almost everything including scenarios you had to do by yourself. The release of expasion for SL:PL called Strange New worlds went relativly unknown to all because not many cared about this i would call "Indie" game which is shame because it is solid and well thought and detailed system.

So what new in Strange New Worlds? Tons of content which transforms Platoon Leader into whole new game. The game introduce off-board artillery support, variants for drops (capsules, teleporting...) but for fans of old pc game Battlefield 2142 even dropcapsule system which enables launching dropcapsules from vehicles. Among other things it SNW allows vehicle commanders so you can play armoured battles with this gaming system along with new vehicle damage system which speeds up the game and ofcourse rules for gigantic monsters and vehicles . Hordes (enemies that didnt use standart fireteam structure), Civilians and partisans (insurgents and untrained militias) are now also in ruleset.  SNW also bring us robust system to design Aliens and organic units.

 But most importantly it fixes lack of scenarios. 7 new generic scenarios which can be played with
any force in your collection. This includes classics like Hasty Assault, Ambush, Meeting engagement or more exotic like orbital insertion.

Another new thing is Black Ops rules which allows you to play skrimish special operations with
handful figures which is neat. It contains only 3 generic scenarios -  Assasinate, Sabotage and Rescue but definatly you can find it worthwhile.

Last section of book is reserved for stat cards and example force organisations so you will get little know how to assemble your forces on battlefield.

If you liked Strike Legion Platoon Leader or want fast but tacticaly challenging game where you can lead your forces from smallest raid to company scale actions this expansion is for you.
Only thing that game now lacks are campaing rules but to be honest you can adapt any campaing system you want.

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