sobota 10. února 2018

Epsilon Eridani Shootout at Freeport

We played yet another skrimish in our Epislon Eridani setting from last events the Confederation is in full retreat and CSAT 3rd Army is now aiming towards their first target city of Freeport. Elements of CSAT Marines and Regular army elements clashed with Confed Rangers in deadly close-quater battle.

We used basic campaing mission generation rules. neither of us had medic or platoon leader. CSAT had two squads, and extra fireteam plus sniper team and light mortar support. Confeds got three full squads plus sniper team. Let the show begins.

Both sides blindly clashes and both commanders decided to pull out their troops from this
meatgrinder. The forces representing retreating Confeds were not poorly armed unlike CSAT troops which were fresh and well armed. On first turn the CSAT established perimeter and keep pressure on Confederation troops. to improve insult for Confed, Friendly mortars tried to  support Confederation but SNAFU happened at mortars hit confed sniper team, wounding both of them which were captured CSAT Marines few turns later. both forces engaged in deadly firefight only CSAT prepearing to push Confeds from area.

 In desperation Confederation Black ops sniper team, positioned on top of the building overwatching
area, creating supporting fire for Confederation force and turning certain defeat into small but costly victory.

Once again Tomorrow War has prepeared as nasty game full of intensive firefights, lots of pinned
troops, and wounded and very heroic moments in the end althought CSAT managed to capture some personel and Confed managed to pullout victory from their sleeve, the Freeport isnt saved and maybe CSAT just gained vital info how to penetrate Freeport defense line

 some extra photos from game

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