čtvrtek 1. února 2018

CSAT Marine platoon starting taking shape

Few days ago i started working on my CSAT Marines the bad guys of our Tomorrows War campaing agressor who threating freedom loving people of Confederation of Free City-States. I painted mine first AFV and also first squad plus platoon leader. Each squad is divided to two three man fireteams plus heavy drone and squadleader, but i will post Platoon and Company TOE sometime later.

I used Brigade CDSU miniatures for this which while they are not as nice as GZG ones and somewhat harder to paint i like their style and envoking that evil that CSAT should represent anyway here are few photos of the squad no.1 plus Rhino MBT and Platoon leader

What i found most is lack of poses if i compare them to other manufactures, only two types of special weapons (ML and SAW) and while heavy drones are relativly nice the squad "light" drones are somewhat lacking

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