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Tommorowverse TOE: Argentinian Marines

Tommorow´s war rules left many doors open to players to create TOEs for many countries that are mentioned but dont have their own TOE like  US Marines, DPRG, Arden National Guard etc. In this blog mini series i will make some TOEs we using for play here at local club so we will see French Regulars, PLA or todays Argentinian. Personally for them i will be using NAC miniatures from GZG line but what do you use its up to you.

Like Brazil, Argentina is member state of NEU (New Economic Union) which oppose "western world" OPS. Argentina isnt using cutting edge technology like Brazil do, but their equippment is sufficient and proven in battle. Argentina is using drones and GRID but they dont relies on them and basic structure is based still around human boots on ground.

Infantry de Marina is well trained well equipped and well motivated light infantry force, backed up by hightech NEU armor they are capable of holding almost any rock in known universe. While TOE here presents "Line Infantry" light infantry platoon, the Battalion have Armor, Artillery, Powered Armor Infantry, Interface or Air and Special forces assets availible

Argentinian Marines
Troop Quality: D8-D10
Morale: D8-D12
Confidence Level: Confident or High
Supply Level: Poor to Normal
Overall Tech Level:2
On GRID? Sometimes (TL2)
Armour: Light Armor (1D)

  • Forward Observer
  • Terminal Air Controller
  • Medic
  • Old school

Escuadrón de fusileros (Infantry Squad)
  • Platoon Leader with FARA ACR
  • Designated Marksman with RLT Cazador
  • Designated Marksman can be split from unit with another member of squad as a spotter to act as a Sniper Team
  • 2x Rifle team

Equipo de fusileros (Rifle team)
  • Fireteam leader with FARA ACR
  • Rifleman with FARA ACR
  • Rifleman with FARA ACR
  • Machinegunner with FN AMAG23
  • Anti-tank gunner with FARA ACR and MARA III*
    * Only one per squad

Escuadrón de apoyo (Support squad)
  • Squad Leader with FARA ACR
  • 2xAGL Team
  • 2x LAP Lanza Team

Escuadrón de mando (Command Squad)
  • Platoon Leader with FARA ACR
  • Platoon Sergeant with FARA ACR
  • Medic with FARA ACR
  • Grid Tech/FSO with FARA ACR
  • 2 Martillo HAMR Teams
  • MZM Cóndor

Infantria de Marina Peletón (Marine Infantry Platoon)
  • Escuadrón de mando
  • 4x Escuadrón de fusileros
  • Escuadrón de apoyo

Equipment and Weapons
FARA ACR –: Standard assault rifle of Argentian forces. Selective fire, chemically cooled rifle chambered for .30 caliber binary-propulsion ammunition. Equipped with HUD link, gun camera and TAG (Target Acquisition and Guidance – a target designator for air, artillery, or orbital strikes) unit.

FN AMAG 23: A heavy barrel version of the FARA with a quick change barrel, a bipod and an advanced cooling system coupled with a higher cyclic rate and modification to allow for feeding from 300 round “assault packs”.
(TL2 Lt. ABW AP:1)

RLT Calazor: Standart Issue Laser Marksman Rifle, designated to provide long range and overwatch support for advancing teams, eliminating enemy heavy weapons teams. Unlike conventional sniper rifles laser rifle is very accurate but lacks punch to deal with armoured targets. Squad leader and designated marksman often form-up adhoc sniper team and provide cover for the rest of the squad.
MARA III: The standard Argentinian made man-portable light anti-tank rocket launcher. The system has options for HE,Thermobaric and SEFOP warheads (TL2 Med. AP:2/AT:2(M))

LAP LANZA V:This man portable AT launcher utilizes a launch system with advanced sensors and targeting capabilities. The rocket itself is a fire and forget advanced ATGM. (TL2 ATGM AP:4/AT:5(H) Deck Attack)

Automatic Grenade Launcher AGL-21 "Basilisco": Standard two man crewed automatic grenade launcher for the Argentinian Armed Forces Magazine fed, semi-automatic grenade launcher firing 30mm grenades, including anti personnel flechette rounds,HE rounds, and RAAT (Rocket Assisted Anti-Tank) rounds (TL2 Med. AP:2/AT:2(M))

Heavy Ant-Material Rifle Martillo II: the Martillo HAMR is a manportable rail-gun capable of propelling a .40 caliber at hyper-velocities. This weapon has been used successfully in a sniper role, anti-material role, and in defense against light armored vehicles and Armored Fighting Suits (AFS). (TL2 Med. GWS AP:2/AT:2M)
MZM Cóndor:This wheeled, semi-autonomous UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is used to carry supplies to fireteams in the field and, in an emergency, to carry wounded to a CASEVAC point. The MULE is equipped with a Basic Life Support AI to assist in its role as an impromptu ambulance

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