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Tommorow´s War Fluff: 1st Interstellar War

In years between 2288-2296 humanity saw its first true interstellar war. All major powers from Earth
was quickly drawn it this 8 year long conflict. on one side there was US backed OPS (Organisation of Progressive Nations) and its allies againts NEU (New Economic Union), China (PRC) and their allies on the other.

Brushfire on Glory
Expansion of Republic of Arden (RA) on Glory entered war with dictatorship named Democratic People´s Republic of Glory (DPRG). Quick escalation led to the full spectrum war between these two colonial powers, RA and France Foreing Legion was using superior technology and have edge againts DPRG who have man-power but using almost obsolote technology. DPRG leadership turned to their trading partners and allies from New Economic Union, who brought SF teams, advisors and cutting edge warmachines and weapons. Outgunned and outnumbered Arden nation start seeking help from Grissom and United States Marine Corps answered. Planetfall of Marines lead the US and Brazil into direct confronation, and soon OPS and NEU entered war, war that was new to humanity.

Dragon rising 

Disputes between Republic of Arden and China was evident - in year 2159 PRC invaded Glory but eventualy they were forced to pull out from Glory. China without doubt was major player - top technology and well trained army. Few months after start of Interstellar war they made planetfall on Glory, and not just only there.

Albion under siege
Not only US worlds were under siege but other OPS colonies and garden worlds were under siege and it was evident that OPS would must fight hard to face both PRC and NEU. on Albion British, French and US forces faced invasion force of Brazil and PRC.

Situation on Earth
Durning 1st Interstellar war the situation on Earth was realitivly calm. apart from few SF action like infamous Last stand at Red Ridge, both powers tried to keep war off world.

Batte of Jump point Zulu
Battle of Jump point Zulu was one for the books, suprise attack on PRC/Brazil battlegroup enroute to the Albion. German/French allied fleet attacked NEU/PRC forces as soon as they jump in resulting destruction of 2 assault carriers and 3 battlecruisers in matter of minutes. The effect on morale on battlegroup was immense and rest of fleet surrender to the OPS.

But destruction of this fleet have another effect, supplies which battlegroup carried was meant for invasion troops on Albion - ammunition, medicine and even fresh troops. NEU Command on Albion in fear they will not get resupply in months or even more uncoditionaly surrender to the OPS, which was first true OPS victory in war and have decesive blow on NEU morale.

Western diplomats managed to leveraged this two defeats into armistance and later both sides signed Peace treaty, which lasted to the 2309 - the start of Saints war.

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