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Epsilon Eridani day zero - small battlereport from first mission of Campaing

Area of Operation

Convoy rolling through Borderlands

For few weeks we begun playing Tomorrows War as started working on our own background for our battles which will known as Epsilon Eridani the campaing itself are telling story about suprise CSTA attack on COFC overwhelming their defense and Confederates will be making their last stand would they fall or will they manage to stall the offensive we will find that out in upcomming months. we will be using standart campaing rules but from time to time we will play custom mission like the first one.

The scenario layout was pretty simple COFC convoy consisting of three uparmoured softskins and two APCs were moving throught borderlands, CSAT troops however were laying in ambush few rules we got wrong but otherwise it was very cinemating scenario.

"This is Windtalker one we are Oscar-Mike proceeding route A7 we will be at FOB at 30 mikes over"
"Roger that Windtalker, be advised we lost contact with OP Wilhelm over and out"
 "Shit what was that? Everyone okay four?"
"Yes sir! it looks like a IED, but we got damaged wheel 3 and 5! Agatha is not going anywhere soon"
"Roger, dismount and provide cover, i dont like this a bit"

Confed convoy under fire
 The game started and Confeds had iniative which was good for him . but i deployed mine squads along the road in three phase lines, with exception of second line which have HAMR team attached and i deployed combat drones behind building just next to my first phase line in case any of the Confeds try to flank my ambush teams and i got medium mortars on call. Unfortunatly for my opponent he draw worst possible card in this scenario - Cost of lowest bidder and one of his APC has been disabled. i drawed mad minute which was okay

"Stay focused people and scan area, they could be some insurgents hidding here!"
"Ew hell everybody okay??"

The next turn was almost catastrophic for Confeds as CSAT got iniative and called mortar strike on forward column which was bunched up now. Hitting four vehicles immobilising two of them (including second APC) and damaging weapon of one of the jeeps. first ambush has been sprung and one of the jeeps has been  struck by small arms fire and rpg but only shaken the crew.

"Windtalker to Crossroads! We are under attack by CSAT forces estimated platoon plus infantry"
"Crossroads please respond!"

CSAT Ambush
The dices has been rolled and Confeds tried to push of right flank but were only met by two CSTA fireteams from which they exchanged fire one CSTA wounded and two . HAMR team oppened fire but missed and roll 1 on reaction card, it was incoming which shaken HAMR team but no casualties were inflicted. While still retaining iniative next turn i put even more pressure on Confeds and their player decided to fall back to his edge with his reaction moves using whatever cover and los block he can find, but i was capable of destroying his second jeep before he disengaged, leaving immobilised vehicles behind.


Another excelent game of TW, very atmosferic and once again i saw ambush tactic is very deadly affair but lost of the first APC to the Fog of war card was misfortunate as well as bad rolls againts mortar strike. LONG LIVE TO CSAT!


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