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Epsilon Eridani focus: Coaliton of Southern Allied Territories

We launched little Tomorrows Campaing focusing on battle on forgotten colony named Epsilon Eridani. After long cold war between two nations from this planet Confederation of Free City-states and Coalition of Southern Allied Nations - CSAT launched suprising invasion on COFC soil.
Formerly for first mission i used NAC figures but since i ordered CDSU miniatures from Brigade games i tried to paint one.
CSAT Squad Leader
Coalition of Southern Allied Territories
Traditional CSAT Flag
Southern Republic was one of the first colony state on Epsilon Eridani. About 120 years ago the Republic launched expansionist war which formed CSAT - militaristic regime ruled by Autrarch and High council. Only forming "counter-alliance" COFC stopped CSAT war efforts.
While service in military isnt compulsary certain positions in goverement and education can be only accesible if you are served in CSAT military.

CSAT Military
is well trained, motivated and equipped. While "premier" divisions are sporting cutting-edge technology, others particulary those stationed deep in south, are equipped with technology that was obsolete 20 years ago. This leads to extreme where 3rd Cavalry division is equipped with Grav based vehicles supported by 3rd Generation of Battle drones, While 9th Reserve Infantry division is equipped mostly with Trucks and self propelled field guns. Drones are common among CSTA forces, mainly as Heavy Weapons teams and recon teams. Most of the CSAT Army still using whelled and tracked vehicles which are compareble to the COFC AFVs.

CSAT Special Forces 
Most foremost known are Orbital Drop Shock Troops premier "airborne" unit capable of striking anywhere on planet within few hours. In concept these troops once landed are light infantry which need to be relieved soon so they are mainly used to surgical strikes before any larger operations knocking out communications, hq bunkers etc.

Mobile Armoured Division or MAD in short are only Power Armor unit in entire CSAT military force. While called division their platoons are distributed throught whole military, mainly to the frontline units. While suits itselfs can be hot-dropped very few platoons are trained this way and very rarely used.

CSFB or Coaltion Special Forces Battalion are only "true" special force in CSAT but used as last resort unit for High Council and Autarch for whom they serve as elite bodyguards. These troops are trained in assasinations, HVT extractions, sabotage, espionage and other "black operations"

Civilian Life
The common citizen in CSAT is happy as long as he didnt step up againts Autarch or Council. Even while propaganda is everywhere, citizens have access to information (althought somewhat tiden up) ,modern technologies and leisure.
On the other side there is secret police arresting any persons who shows any signs of rebelions. Everything is monitored, tv channels you watched, news and articles you read. Those who are arrested are never seen again.

This hopefully give you little insight in CSAT hopefully my friend will wrote article about his faction soon. See you soon and watch news from Epsilon Eridani!

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