pátek 20. února 2015

Test of FFT AAR

I want to get feel of Fistfull of tows before i crack through main book i tried demoversion of Fistfull of Tows, i put up company of T64 againts Cheftian platoon.

You can also download sample rules on following links if you want to test how FFT "feels", the system is simplified but in overall you get how the game works. here download WW2 or Modern.

British orders was to hold village while Soviet Company was rolling on them. Cheftians formed defense line in village and waited in overwatch for Reds. T64s were rolling toward the village and when they came to effective range the cheftians open-up

BAOR forces managed to knock out two of T64s and even they returned fire and destroyed one of the UK tank. British knocked out two more T64s, but Soviet morale hold and forced British to pull back for a bit and form another defense line outside Soviet effective range.
Since their wrong reform of defense line T64 managed to get into to the flank of British and knock out another cheftian, who returned fire and knock out another T64 and pull out to the last defense line near Cow-shed. Situation was desperate for both sides - duel 1:1. Cheftian shot first but misses T64 returned fire blowing cheftian turret off Soviets was victorious but it was close.

FFT is nice clean system hopefully i will get into real playing system is fast furious, need to read up through full rules i got few ideas how to play it solo but looking forward to try it with my friends.

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