čtvrtek 19. února 2015

FATFRANKs roads review

Since i was looking on ebay for some cheap terrain i want to aquire for my 6mm gaming i run into FATFRANKs products - these are handmade latex terrain - roads and rivers in various scales from 1:300 to 28mm, i didnt ordered the other scales yet but maybe i will get some for Bolt Action.

I ordered two sets of winded roads and intersection set for 6mm. While FF are selling also straight sections i wanted to  roads be more realistic and most of roads here in Central Europe arent straight to selection came to this winded sets. the set consisting of three section each approx. 30cm long and 3cm wide. each road is homemade so every segment is unique, these roads are also made on order so you can specify your needs for gaming which is think really good customer care.

the second set crossroads are consisting of  one crossroad, 4 T-sections and one turn. FATFRANK also sells various similiar river sets (although bit different in shape) each set have cost about 6 pounds and postage was free when i order it, ofcourse you can build it your own - but if you dont have time or you are lazy i think this can be solution for you. i would minimaly buy roads from him  and finaly here is link

Scale comparsion 6mm

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