pondělí 2. února 2015

quick solo PZ8 AAR

To try PZ8 rules i decided to play quick game set in Cold War gone hot scenario - british on soviet tank fest. 

Near town of Dehnberg small british force consisting of three Cheftians and two new Challengers were tasked to hold until relieved, but soon Soviets came. Their forward echelon force were six T64BVs.
British were holding two hills in outskirts of Dehnberg but for how long?

Soviets diveded their force in two forces - first four T64s aimed to root out Cheftians from first hill and two remaing Soviet tanks move up to deal with Challengers or atleast to hold them long enough.
T64s moved forward and opened fire but their first shots missed their mark. Cheftians now in better positions open up knocking out one of the Soviet tank.
T64BVs flanking force closing on Challengers

Three T64s were closing toward to point Baxter which was held by platoon of Cheftian tanks. they´ve opened fire neutralizing first Cheftians, Challengers decided to move up to support Cheftians before they would be overrun. Cheftians rushed forward in hope to get into better range, but unable to hit T64s, they returned fire and another Cheftian, the remaing tried to pull out destroying another T64 in process. Cheftian now in range  knocking T64 from flanking force while second T64 seek cover in Dehnberg waiting for Challengers to close in when his can would be effective againts their armor.
Soviets Holding point Baxter
Challengers were now outnumbered 3:2 but British commander decided to root out Soviets - or die trying. Flanking T64 break cover and opened fire on flank armor of Challenger knock him of outright, remaing T64 suppresed second Challenger, tank quickly recover but T64s were all around him like hungry wolves and in matter of seconds last british tank perish.

PZ8 is interesting system its quick deadly and easy,  mechanics are easy to explain (i think) and it offers some tactical posibilities, will run few other games but one things is sure PZ8 is sandbox and you need add few other things, to suit your play but hey those rules are free.

i apologize for terrain because currently was all i can scavenge at home.i need roads, houses and forests
but now i need proper new scifi force propably Brigade models Neosoviets and Pacfed

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