čtvrtek 19. února 2015

Scottia Grendel buildings mini review

In process of creating of my 6mm forces i needed also terrain i put order on Leven but i also needed some things from Scottia Grendel for my Soviets and British so i order four buildings (three modern houses and one factory unit). I didnt expect much from them since they were each 0.5 pound.

Well when my stuff arrived i wasnt expecting this - buildings are big  modern house 4cm long, 2,5cm wide and 3cm tall. it is typical storey house with garage, the building seems little out of scale, and have little much flash  for my taste.

the factory unit seems more like farm building - when i saw it think cow shed, but can be also usefull for Warpac bases, durning my time in AČR we had similiar buildings in motorpool area. the building is 6cm long 2cm wide and 2cm tall.

as i wrote before, there is little to much flash for my taste and buildings are little big, but this is not big deal if  you have your forces based and especially if you using main force infantry which is in prone poses. But if price is really good, scottia have some other buildings availible and i would propably order more when i will be getting some other things from scottia.

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