pátek 20. února 2015

Scottia grendel Moderns review

I heard all good stuff about Scottia Grendel 6mm range, from czech historical wargaming scene and even on forums like Cold War Commander or TMPs. I needed few things to beef up the armies and give it try. I dont really wanted to write negative article about Scottia but these my thoughts and maybe i only choose older models. but anyway here it is

British range
At first we will like at Harrier which i think it is pretty cool model nicely detailed, i looking forward to paint this aircraft. next is Land Rover pretty nice model - but i like rovers nice vehicles. next are FV432s and FV439 signals both nice vehicles although FV439 came with antenas which i cannot figure out how they fit on models but thats problem on my side since i never saw FV439 in sig version. Last are AS-90 which are post cold war era but they are nice vehicles. propably best model from models i ordered.

Well the Reds, i will start from models i liked most first it was KA-255b which is reallly big truck nicely done will look perfect on battlefield, another model which looks nice and how it should be is GAZ66 signals, they should fit as civilian vehicles if you playing in game where NATO is pushing soviets back (or even some Georgia/Chechnya themed games) next are BRDM-2 and BRDM2 Malyutka nicely detailed and well scale-wise.  2S3 Akatysia is also nice model nicely massive as Akatysia should be. GAZ69 softskin enough say there are some issues around forward wheels on some of the models but it is good - i will use them for civilians so no issue here. and now the not so good models BTR-80 while the model is nice the main problem is gun there is huge amount of flash around it to the hull and even if you cut it out by knife to clean it there is high propability you would break the gun. and last model is Mi-24 Hind biggest dissapointed of my whole order i should expect something like this but you could never be prepeared for such things.Well i was expecting something in quality of HR Lynx and instead i got this- it is really bad model but cockpit frame is undetailed, and hull is lacking more details - i would propably get rid of them and replace them with HR or GHQ hinds - as this helicopter should be represented by better model as it is icon of WARPAC.

SG isnt bad manufacturer but i think they will get more if they do quality control check - HR is much better in this way on other hand SG models are nice too but flash around guns is bad especially around MGs, i tried to take pics they are below but i will take Heroics over Scottia any day (i would not compare to GHQ because that is different league)

Your opinions?

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