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US Armybook review

As more reinforces for my Bolt-action Americans came in i also recieved Armies of the United States armybook which gave more in-sight into units and vehicles used by US durning World war 2. I already review German Armybook, and also take a look at Soviet book (which i will be reviewing soon) i will also compare US book versus these so let´s begin
Cover of US armybook

The book it self is standart Bolt action smaller format which i found ok, because it is more easily carried in backpack than classic A4  format. As with every BA book it is covered with miniatures photos, Osprey Artworks and wonderfull graphic layout. First pages of book is about US involvent in World War 2 , their battles and tactics.
Next chapter is armylist where you found two new rules for US forces. First is called Gyro-stabilisers which gave your veteran tanks capability to fire on move without modifers. second one is Modern communications which negates modifers for calling reinforcements, both new rules are ok in my opinion and not game-breaking, although as always German players would disagree - since they not get any new rules in their book.

Following special rules is unit availible to  US players - it contains 21 infantry units (the infantry weapons teams and command units counting) including profiles for Engineers,Glider troops, Marines, Rangers or Paratroopers. they are following by 9 artillery units (AT, AA cannons and real arty pieces) 30 vehicles and 14 transports and tows.
the last chapter is Theatre selector which gaves players specific armylists for battles/campaings they are divided to three parts - first is fighting in North Africa, second consting of Western Europe and Italy armylists and the third is for forces fighting in Pacific.

Very interesting that US army doesnt have ability to choose standart troops as veterans  (while you can choose US veterans through Additional Units PDF availible through Warlords webpage.

it is worth mentioning only US infantry unit who get somesort of additional rule is Rangers who are capable of running before game begins thanks to their Rangers lead the way special rule. on other side what i like that Marines are just regular GIs with different weapon loadout (well they carry much more BARs) - but if you want to make real Devil dogs you can always make them veterans.

What i really like on book are background information boxes which are put across book, it includes info about some unsung American heroes (other than Murphy,Winters etc., while these men was heroes without doubt some less known US heroes are nice addition) and some other informations about US army in WW2.

Overall i like this book it had nice layout, no game-breaking things, and  essential for every US player out there

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