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Bolt Action Silence the gun AAR - now in english

Previously published battlereport or After Action Report from game we played this week it was our first game. We played at approx. 750pts i was playing US reinforced platoon from book AoUS while my friend used AoG reinforced platoon. list we´re following. We are begining with Bolt action so sorry about table and unpainted miniatures but hope you will like it.

Elements of 41st Armoured Infantry Regiment:

All Veteran

  • 1st Lt. Taylor armed with thompson smg
  • 2 squads each of eight men armed with two thompsons and two BARs, squads had tough fighters upgrade
  • Sniper team
  • Medium mortar
  • MMG team
  • Forward Air observer
  • Bazooka Team
  • Lone Medic

German Defenders
  • Lt. with assistant both equipped with STG 44
  • panzergrenadier squad with hanomag counting 8 men, 2 two MG42, squad leader with MP40 smg
  • grenadier squad counting 8 men, 2 MG-42 and squad leader with MP40 SMG
  • SS squad of six men equipped entirely with STG-44 transported by Hanomag
  • MG-42 MMG team

From Report of Lt.Taylor:
My patrol discovered large artillery gun located in Village Dreils , i then contacted my CO for futher orders, and as i predicted we had been tasked to take it out before Krauts know what hit them, the gun was lightly guarded only one grenadier squad and stationary german MMG so it if we would be lucky we can move in and out fast, but in this goddamned war nothing goes according the plan......

Germans started their game near objective they deployed one squad in ruin and MMG team deployed in undamaged

house. mobile reserve in form of panzergrenadiers is already on way while SS in not far behind.

US troops deployed their snipers on hill, Mortar on open ground  MMG and observer in white ruin and 1st squad, Platoon leader, Bazooka and Medic on edge of forest. 2nd Squad is left in reserves and trying outflank maneover from right. Us observer calls down airstrike on the ruin with grenadiers while mortar put some shells on house but unable to smash through the roof and snipers arent able to harm MMG team. US strike group advance to the forest near the bocage planing to takedown grenadiers in ruin. Knowing that Dough boys are comming grenadiers lying in ambush aiming at bocage.
In second turn the Americans ordered another Airstrike on MMG house, while first strike has been delayed, the Waffen SS squad arriving on scene and rushing toward
battle. the Germans sprung their ambush as US forces moved to the bocage, and while US troops took heavy casaulties they inficted also same on germans, MMG returning fire on mortar and while taking down two crew-members , mortar returning fire but without effect.

Observer was finally able to contact Air force and one P47 strafed the ruin while attack was not devastating the more effect was worse and US troops charged the building while second outflanking squad arrived on scene.

The second squad is wiped out by arriving SS troops but giving enough time time to send squad commander and bazooka team took positions in ruin. Air observer managed to target SS squad.

at the start of fifth turn second Thunderbolt arrived and wipeout SS squad  - only single trooper remained, the germans then tried to assault building with everything they´ve got but every assault failed (killing three americans) due morale issues last squads was unable to launch attack and US contested the objective the mission ended draw

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