čtvrtek 10. dubna 2014

Bolt Action - Hells on Wheels

41st in Normandy 1944
For last few weeks i have been tailoring my plans for American forces, until i settled on 41st Armoured Infantry  from 2nd Armoured division in Normandy circa durning Operatio Cobra.
Troops of 41st Armoured Infantry used camouflage uniforms similiar to USMC camouflage used in their Pacific campaing, the uniforms were discarded in late 1944 because of often friendly fire between Allied Units.  

However even the US project was short-timed i take it as intersting modeling opurtinity to make really distictive  United States Reinforced platoon. for base models i also used USMC models because they are really nice but i would propably dont build ut USMC force since Pacific isnt much popular here.

Work in progress 1st Infantry squad

Devising list was easy, i started with 4 regular engineer squads each with 2 BARs, and two SMGs. last squad is also sporting Flamethrower. next i added some infantry support in form of two MMG teams, bazooka team and Medium mortar team. Platoon command is represented by 1st Lt with one trooper escort, Medic with assistant is also present. for some heavy support i choosed M8 Greyhound and M3 Halftrack

So this is humble begining of my 41st AIR for Bolt-Action game

Post more progress soon.

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