úterý 13. května 2014

Rangers Leads the way!

in some previous article i wrote about building 41st Armoured, while playing few games i realised i want to something different, as i always liked US Rangers durning WW2 and their famous actions but question was how - having both kits - Rangers and USMC kit i started thinkout how to paint those heads with helmet covers and then i run into this photo
Decorating of US Rangers after battle of Pointe du hoc (take not of helmet covers)

And so i started repainting a bulding new force. To keep to the theme which envisioned Rangers as light Infantry  i dont add any vehicles but whole force is infantry based on 1000 points i am playing usually this
  • 1st Lt. Taylor with an orderly
  • 3x Infantry Squads with BAR and two SMGs
  • Light Mortar
  • 2 Bazooka Teams
  • 2 MMG Teams
  • Sniper Team
  • Air Observer
  • Medic
After some playing i realised that mobility can be sometimes issue but i won Top Secret scenario againts mechanised Panzergrenadiers. As i played demo-game againts my own Rangers using my friend Germans i realised the only way how to play Rangers is Aggresive - if you let enemy bog you down you lose (and don´t call both Airstrikes on your own force )

The 1000pts army is almost painted (only MMG a mortar teams left to paint) and then i need build opposing force the 500pts Fallschirmjager box is on the way , to put into the action againts my other friend UK Paras
here are some pics of Rangers

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