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Timeline miniatures review

We started to play Bolt Action recently and we were looking for some cost effective Normandy houses. I stumbled upon Timeline Miniatures and ordered a few pieces through ebay.
The delivery was faster than the Blitzkrieg, items were send the same day as I paid by paypal. So thumbs up for this.
"Sprues" of Timeline buildings

The packing itself was OK for a small / private company, nothing to complain about. Photos attached.
First thing you notice is “OMG, that is huge!”. And it is. The little ruin is 7,5 x  5 inches, the bigger are 8 * 4,5 by base. The chimney is 6 inch tall. Massive.
The quality of lasercut is quite good, better than eg. Spartan games, the pieces go out very easily. Again, thumbs up.

The parts fits well together
The design of the building yells “I was made by someone  with a  brain!”. At the farmhouses, the roofs are detachable as same as first floor, so manipulation with models inside is ok. The houses are very easy to assemble, everything fits just as it should, so it´s a few minutes of dry fit and then a little of PVA a voilà! Ready.

The design of buildings , of course, is limited by technology and it does not contain such many details as resin cast and compared to Sarrisa, they are less fancy and detailed. But compare the price though. I was nicely surprised by a lot of manageable details like door frames, window shutters etc. It could be better, but again – cost effective.
Scale comparsion on left Warlord German and "Hakl" or as it more known Hanomag

The building are quite normal to paint, if you ever worked with MDF, it should be no problem.

So, overall, the sets are awesome. If you are not a billionaire and you want to start with Bolt action / Weird war, they seem perfect for Normandy. Because for the same money you get really a thick, urban terrain.. I was surprised in a good way and satisfied, which does not happen regularly these day and we are going to buy a few sets from Timeline in close future…     
Build up and painted ruin
Another pic of tabletop ready ruin

Timeline buildings with custom made Bocage

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