pondělí 17. února 2014

Another part of my CSA 15mm scifi force

few days i have been working on my force for Tomorrow´s war game. i have now two fully painted standart squads, MGS, sniper team, commando/recon team and big IFV. since there are lots of thing for my force on way i need paint rest quickly (namely ATGW Teams, second sniper team, Heavy weapons (some energy GPMGs and RAMs) another IFV and few grunts. here it is why i have new in my force

Commando Team Raptor

 Tank Hunter

 Sniper Team
 IFV Phallanx

I also started working on Hind Commander minis to get some serious gaming they ment to be Isreali Apaches but camo didnt turn out how i planned but it is 3mm so no big deal

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