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Spellcross last battle in15mm

Once upon time there was great czech turn based strategy game called Spellcross:The last battle. Aside from never forgeting atmosphere and great gameplay most importatly the back story. Sometime ago i mentioned as great backstory for any 15mm gamesystem. In game they were two sides - Alliance of human nations - Modern armies with tanks and ai and arty support backed up lately with some scifi tech and the Other side - fantasy armies with orks, deamons, and all that fantasy stuff everyone want.

In backstory the Otherside vast armies came through "portals" and quickly defeated defenders - Alliance
forces - humanity is losing war, so best commanders and troops must turn tide of war or human will perish forever.

Basicly any ruleset (Gruntz, TW, Fireteam Andromeda, Platoon Leader etc.) can support this setting as long as they can create close combat units. personaly i would prefer Gruntz or TW but other ones will do also.
I think due creation freedom i would run this type of setting in Tomorrow war.

Sides and Units
For Alliance you can use any type of modern miniatures you want ranging from Rebel,QRF to Khurasan. In original game player have access to Light infantry (typical standart bog infantry), Heavy infantry (think of support infantry armed with heavy machineguns and missle launchers, Rangers (not namely only rangers but also other elite light infantry units equipped to deal with enemy infantry), Commandos - best of best.
there were also other specialised units like Mobile infantry - yes like those from Starship troopers book, Paranormal infantry (Psykers) and heavy support weapon teams like flamers or mortars.
Vehicle wise , Alliance used lots of modern vehicles including M1 Abrams,M113 or Mi-24 hind but basicly any modern vehicles will do, there were few scifi vehicles which you can take from any Near-future miniature line - i would use Khurusan Federal medium tank (tracked)

Otherside well any fantasy line will work there are lots of manufactures who can suffice your needs - Splinterlight miniatures, 15mm.co.uk, Magister militium, Khurasan miniatures and many more. your basic block will be lots of Orks, wolf riders and other fantasy stuff any one can whisper away. In game you faced Orks, Ka-Orks(up-armoured version of Orks), Fallen angels,various deamons, harpies, gargoyles, Balistas, Undead, various spellcasters, Steampunk style machines (mechanical Mammoth and others)

The Spellcross seting have great potential for games, modeling terrain building and if you play also fantasy put those model into scifi gaming so what you waiting for? Humanity needs YOU!

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