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Mad mecha terrain review

About Mad Mecha Guy
MMG is one person studio which specialises in MDF laser cut terrain, almost everything you need for near future Scifi is at his site, from Carpark, shops, warehouses even to bunkers or watch towers. you can checkout his stuff here
GZG UNSC Light infantry in scale with one of the shops

Most of MMG stuff is in 15mm scale (some products are availible in 28mm). what is more frustrating is
ordering since i like few clicks and go to checkout, mailing orders isnt my cup of tea - but it is worth every word i wrote to MMG.

I order set of 4 10x10 shops with flat roofs and one pack of containers for about 20 pounds including postage is one of the cheapest way how to obtain terrain (if you exclude scratchbuilding). Have reviewed Spartan Games MDF terrain some time ago i was worried about quality of cutting or even designing mistakes, but when i opened box i was more than impressed - easy to assemble, nicely detailed few options how to build it shops. on other hand the containers are nice perfect they can be closed as well as opened to create cover and alternative routes for your troops excelent. However building containers is little pain but after few it is okay, and the frame which hold "Walls" of containers can be damaged by post or if you are not careful.

If you want you have option to not glue roof and have place for some CQB

If you look on quality it is perfect, no damaged pieces or not cut enough or bad pieces everything is checked before sending to customer.
for everyone out there who need Urban terrain  MMG had everything ranging from roads to the hospital buildings go check it out. for me i would be getting more of them
Conteiners can create deadly maze for infantry

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