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Heavy Gear Blitz! Clash for mining station A232

 Week ago we played 125TV game of Heavy Gear Blitz, Once again i put my trusty CNCS Airborne unit into fray against my South controled my good friend Dejv. I fielded two combat groups

Combat group one consisting of: 

CGL in Standart Jaguar, two Para Hunters, Strike Para Hunter, Wildfire Para Hunter, Strike Para Hunter and one Para Cheetah

Second Group consisting of: Two Thunder fire jaguars, Para Cheetah, Sniper Jaguar, Crossbow Grizzly and Rabid Grizzly one Fire Jaguar was upgraded to Task Force Leader

Against me there was battlegroup consisting of Command Brawler Jager, two Longfang Mambas, Black Mamba, Brawler Mamba and Longbow Jager.
Second CG consisting of Command Jager, Chatterbox Iguana, Blackbox Iguana, King Cobra and Bushmaster Cobra

Here is look on battlefield right side was deployment for North while South deployed on west. My Paratrooper group choosed Hold objective while my Strike choose Pave the way. My enemy selected Wipe them out on my Para Squad, and Pave the way. I won the deployment roll so i let my enemy begin first he deployed Mamba CG and i deployed Para CG near them using Airdrop deployment, only Para Cheetah is damaged in drop. Near lake he deployed his second CG and I deployed mine Strike CG to capture hold objectives and counter his forces.

on left flank Para squad and Mamba CG started to exchanging fire and strike Para Hunter was put out of service but same goes for Longbow jager.On the other side of the battlefield, however, the situation was very different, both Iguanas were knocked out of the fight and the Command Jager was badly damaged. Of course, the south returned fire, but it was more or less unsuccessful.

In the city where the Northern Airborne Gears and the Mamba fought each other, the South began to displace the Northern forces and gradually began to surround them. At the Lake, 2 Battle Groups managed to destroy a damaged Command Jager, freeing their hands and began moving Sniper and Fire Jaguar towards the surrounded Paratroopers.

However, at this point we had to end the game due to time constraints so I don't know who won the battle for mining station A232.

Once again it was shown that even a two player stater allows for very interesting and intense games.

If you haven't checked out Heavy Gear Blitz I recommend the rules are free and the two player starter is $125. Of course if you are from the EU you will appreciate that three EU distributors have recently appeared. 


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