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Chronicles of Terra Nova II : Battle of Bako Basin

 We played our third game of Heavy Gear Blitz! Again we pitted my North and South against each other. My friend is still building his Peace River force but for this game he still used my Southern forces. I finally managed to paint up my Kickstarter Kodiak so i fielded him as commander durning this game. The victory went to the North  3:1.

Bako Basin is small settlement located on outskirts of WFP. Durning Interpolar War the North and the South clashed numerously for this mining settlement. It was in late summer of 1910 North conducted a raid on Bako Basin, using sandstorm as cover, unfortunatly lone recon VTOL spotted Southern Task Forces and reported its position and bearing to the Northern Guard, which dispatched Strike team. Both Forces clashed at Bako Basin very next day. Captain Macwell was leading small detachment decided to attack throught ruins of old city from Concordat age and catch Southerners between buildings, to that he will establish firebase with his Kodiak and Grizzly of his 2IC, mean while  Gracier sisters will lead Jaguar strike force to clash into Southern left flank and outflank them forcing the AST to retreat.

  The Forces

Northern Forces

Combat Group Badger (FS)

  • Kodiak (CGL)
  • Rabid Grizzly (2iC)
  • Para Hunter
  • Para Wildfire Hunter
  • Para Cheetah
Combat Group Rhino (Strike)
  • Thunder Fire Jaguar (CGL)
  • Thunder Fire Jaguar (2iC)
  • Crossbow Grizzly
  • Sniper Jaguar
  • Para Hunter
  • Para Cheetah
Southern Forces

Combat Group Rapiéres (Strike)
  • Command Brawler Mamba
  • Blazing Mamba
  • Blazing Mamba
  • Longfang Mamba
Combat Group Enclume (FS)
  • Razorfang Longfang Mamba (CGL)
  • Command Jager
  • King Cobra
  • Bushmaster Cobra
  • Chatterbox Iguana
  • Blackbox Iguana
We both opted for Claim and Pave the way

We deployed on longer edges the Northern force deployed on left and South on right

I deployed mine Rhino CG on my very left, while CG Badger containg Kodiak takes Center, Hunters and Cheetah taking cover behind big container. My opponent deployed everything on center trying to figure it what mine plan will be and react accordingly.

Turn 1:
South won the iniative roll and activated smaller CG first moving to the shanty town (on battlefield picture in top left half of board) with Blazing Mamba and Jager opening fire on my Cheetah and chipping of some armor. Second Long fang engaged the Top speed and tried to out hit kodiak who response with particle cannon fire but both missed. There was some manoevering, Main wing of Southern forces advanced forward, but still hiding from my forces.

Turn 2:
In shanty town the North Jaguars steamrolled the Mamba and Jager , destroying them both in process. On right flank South was advacning and crippled para cheetah thus north in this part of battlefield lost their EW cover. North managed to damage Bushmaster cobra now advancing on main road.

Turn 3:
The Heavy hitters of  both sides managed to destroy each other at beginning of turn, South also managed to blow up the Para cheetah on the right side of battlefield. Exchange between Grizzly, Para Hunters and Razorfang Longfang Mamba. Obviously the mamba exploded but crippling one of the Hunters.
On left another blazing mamba went up, and Jaguars moving towards the Bushmaster and Longfang mamba poising to kill. 

Turn 4:
Durning this turn North tried to mop up, South tried to salvage situation but with Jager, single mamba, and two iguanas the victory went towards the North .

After thoughts
This game was intense and brutal, but over the course of game North held upperhand, with superior firepower and more actions. 
I think hesitation of my opponnent cost him victory, also not opposing CG Rhino attacking through Shanty town was mistake, leaving me to pick his Mambas and Cobra one by one, but live and learn i guess.

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