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Chronicles of Terra Nova: First Blood

Yesterday we played our first game of Heavy Gear Blitz! Since it was first foray to the HG universe we used 3.0 rules. We played 125TV game, no sublists, North vs South. I took my CNCS forces while my friend David used my AST forces.

TN 1936 Summer 14

In early hours of this summer day CNCS dropship transporting special operation teams was shot down  near Lake Van Ness. Northern Quick Response Force was from WFP Fort Henry was quickly dispatched to recover any survivors and intel and dispatch and enemy forces. Southern Republic force which was in the area was sent to recover any data that ship was carrying and cut off and destroy enemy rescue force. 

I fielded following force:

Combat Group Badger (Strike/Recon)
  • Wildfire Para Hunter (CO)
  • 2x Para Hunter
  • Para Strike Hunter
  • 2x Para Cheetahs
Combat Group Rhino (Strike)
  • 2xFire Jaguar (XO)
  • 2xSniper Jaguar
  • Crossbow grizzly
  • Rabid Grizzly
My opponnent fielded following:

Combat Group Épaulard (Strike)
  • Brawler Command Jager (CGL)
  • Command Jager
  • Jager
  • Gunner Jager
  • Longbow Jager
  • Blazing Mamba
Combat Group Requin (Strike/Recon)
  • Longfang Mamba (CO)
  • Blazing Mamba
  • Charterbox Iguana
  • Blackbox Iguana
  • Bushmaster Cobra
  • Longfang Cobra

Disclaimer: this was our first game, so we possibly do few mistakes, had no clue what we are doing, force wasnt optimal and etc.
Objectives: We both chosed capture and break the line objectives. Mine was located near crashed dropship and near shanty building. Opponents put objective near Dropship too and other one was in forest near my deployment zone

We deployed per standart rules even thought i had Airdropable units. I pushed my luck by not deploying near enemy but rather playing safe this was decision propably cost me victory.
I deployed

Turn 1
In first turn our forces were start to closing to each other. CG Rhino moved up and take cover by dropship. While second Group spread out the defense line against main southern onslaught massing in clearing before them. there was some sporadic fire exchange but nothing serious

Turn 2
In second turn heavy fighting ensured and brutal exchange between CNCS Paras from Badger Group and Southern Mambas and Cobras. Iguana managed to haywire one of the Paratrooper Gear, which was promptly destroyed. The Rhino CG was in position and ready to strike on enemy flank

Turn 3
Thru game South managed to keep initiative, but Paras were reacting to enemy movements and managed to stall AST long enough to launch my counter attack. I transfer one of the cheetahs to forest near dropship to destroy pesky Blazing Mamba, before my CG Rhino steamrolled over the flank, destroying most of the Southern Épaulard combat group. But my other flank was collapsing damage on Hunters and lone cheetah started to taking their price.

Turn 4
The last turn was intense and all or nothing scenario. In this moment i was in control of one of the objectives, and my plan was now to crash thru enemy line and try to stop him from claiming objective. and while i hit him hard destroying even more pesky southern gears it wasnt enough i was unable to destroy single Jaeger which claimed objective. In the end game ended as draw

Thoughts on game
While at start the game seems little complicated as soon as we get grip of things it started to take dynamic and we played this game in two and half hour aprox. but i think next one we will have helluva way faster. Its fast, reactions give it nice flow and its just action packed and also my friend is now looking for his own faction to play. see you at next Heavy Gear Blitz AAR

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Heavy gear is one of those hidden gem games. I have played it a few times and it is great fun. Are you playing the most recent redition of the rules?

    1. We played 3.0. I didnt yet have time to read new beta rules

  2. Good to see after all the background you have posted you have got in a game!

  3. Nice table! and good choice of beer :)

    1. thanks, and for the record i dont drink bad beer :D