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Battle for New Shiloh Day1 - Meeting Engagement

After last battle when i crushed my daughter Black Rose Mercs we decided to fresh start campaing, this time we using rules from original Alpha Strike Book. Each of us have Battlemech Company.

The year is 3065 and the FEDCOM war is raging for three long bloody years. Planet New Shiloh which is located on borders of ex-Davion space, now feel wrath of civil war. 
Long ago most of their defense forces has been relocated in war effort, Governer Adun hired mercenary forces of Black Rose to complement their own defense forces.

 Adun is loyal to the Katherine Steiner-Davion and this fact is well known. So it was no suprise that 1st Crucis Lancers made Planetfall on main continent and launched spearhead attack againts New Shiloh Defense force as well as againts Mercs. In intital attack Davion forces swept most of the resistance and they are make good progress againts defenders in capital called Bragg.

But Crucis Lancers are playing against time - the Katherine forces are enroute to reinforce defenders, and lancers must capture both starports before jumpships enter planetary system. While bulk of the forces are tasked with taking Starport at Bragg, the single company is tasked to capture Starport at Perth City. This particular city is defended by Company of Black Rose Mercenaries led by infamous Laura "Cleo" Draco. 

Can Black Rose hold perth againts Victor Davion Steiner forces? Will reinforcements arrive in time?
Only this campaing will tell

As  i wrote before backstory we are using the Warchest system from original AS ruleset so each of us had Company worth of mechs weighting exactly 685 tons

1st Crucis Lancers 9th Battlemech Company "Vampires"

  • ON1-V    Orion               
  • BNC-3E  Banshee 
  • LGB-7Q  Longbow
  • VND-1R Vindcator
  • MAD-3R Marauder
  • HBK-4P   Hunchback
  • JM6-S      Jagermech
  • TBN-5N  Trebuchet
  • CRB-20   Crab
  • LCT-3M  Locust
  • RVN-4X  Raven
  • CDA-3M Cicada
Warchest: 1000pts

Black Rose Mercenary Group Echo Company
  • STK-3F     Stalker
  • AWS-8Q   Awesome
  • DRG-5N   Dragon
  • GRF-1S    Griffin
  • WVR-6K  Wolverine
  • CN9-AH   Centurion
  • CPLT-K2  Catapult
  • HSN-7D   Hellspawn
  • SDR-5K   Spider
  • LCT-3V    Locust
  • BSW-X1  Bushwacker
  • BLR-1G   Battlemaster
Warchest: 1000pts

First dicatated mission was meeting engagement with 33,3 percent of our forces with was 230 tons that means single lance  Black Rose deployed Awesome, Dragon. Spider and Bushwacker while Lancers deployed Marauder, Orion, Trebuchet and Hunchback.

Learned from last mistakes the BR forces created central formation and move as single group, while Lancers move up occupied forests and area with cover and waiting for oppurtunity to strike

As BR forces advanced forward exchange between mechs ensured but with minimum effect, Lancers trap sprungs and the Rose forces was hit pretty hard, Bushwacker was almost destroyed and Awesome took some heavy pounding. in exchange Marauder took few hits as well as trebuchet but both still relativly unscatched

Black Rose forces begun to fallback to the old ruin and Lancers advanced leaving their precious cover. Crucis forces sniff out advatage and tries to push luck even more, in single move Bushwacker is destroyed. Awesome is taking even more heavy fire. But lucky PPC hits marauder ammunition and whole machine is destroyed. Orion is also critically hit but it was lucky this time.

Not willing to push luck more Lancers has started to pullout and managed it without any additional loses. 

So next scenario will be Pursuit with 75% of forces that means two fresh lances in the fray!

Stay tunned for episode 2

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