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5Core Company Commander - scifi expansion

Pico armor and Plasmablast tanks painted by  ANA PAULA DA SILVA, 
Without doubt 5Core Company Commander is really gem, for modern warfare it doesnt matter if you
play in 6mm or 15mm the CC offers unique gaming experience. I reviewed CC long time ago but for solo gaming it is excelent now lets take a look onto Scifi expansion set.

You can find original review of Company Commander here 

The expansion have 23 pages and includes various rules for sci-fi including diference of tech levels, Walkers, bugs, various tech gadgets like Drop pods, Power armours, Grav tanks and many many more. We will take a look on these in details.

There are new armour and gun system which is optional but very working. Gun are trated in category 1-5 and armour have rating 1-6. and if you compare them while shooting you will knew if shot was threating, kill or overkill.

Then its described how you can design Alien race or another non-human company. Then there 4 tech levels for your force - more higher the more effective your force will be durning shooting and assault. Also two tech are introduced AI Assisted Network and Data/Comm links. Assisted network while it is active grants +1 activation however if your enemy have also network it can bring your net down. Comm links grants you ability to change once per game scurry or firefight into normal turn sequence.

In next chapter of PDF new scifi units are introduced. Here you will find rules for following:

  • AI units
  • Assault suits (Think of Heavy Gear or suits from Frontline mission)
  •  Berserkers (Units which when facing heavy fire instead of pulling out they close on your forces ideal for GZG Kra´vak if you ask me)
  • Bugs (Bugs are different beasts than berserkers they have their own turn sequence and can quickly raise their numbers, it include rules for big and shooty bugs ideal for Starship troopers scenarios
  • Buildings destruction rules
  • Drop Troops (units capable jumping right into battle using droppods, teleports and other means)
  • Grav Tanks
  • Jump troops (units equipped with jump packs, various leaping creatures and so on.) 
  • Powered armour troops
  • Stealth Units (Units equipped with cloaking fields or similiar masking abilities
  • Super Soldiers
  • Walkers 
Pendraken and GZG bugs painted by Wayne Olivant

Next chapter is meant for supersized units - big mechs, superheavy tanks and alien monsters, they are more difficult to bring down and are great for some specific scenarios. They are followed by new weapons to add flavor to your force. 
  • Active Defense systems which allows negate enemy shots
  • Devastator Weapons capable of hitting area instead of one unit
  • Drone Weapons which affects vehicle morale that came into proximity
  • Energy Weapons which are highly effective againts enemy armor but no harm to infantry
  • Firestorm Weapons which allows reroll
  • Hightech targeting systems they allow shoot and fire
  • Incidental Anti tank fire portable AT weapons for infantry units
  • Orbital fire Every one loves them!
  • Superpenetrators  Heavy railguns capable of destroying infantry and vehicles in straight line.
Game includes also number of new specialists
  • Hackers capable of disable enemy vehicles for a turn or even until end of the game
  • Psionics allows player to activate more units, and are fearsome enemies in assault
  • Sentry Guns
  • Support Walker Close combat walker think of dreadnoughts from GW universe
  • War Champion - Close Combat heroes known from space operas and scifi fantasy genre
Last chapter are Weasels favorite generators every his game must contain random generators in here you can roll to see who fighting who, why, when and where
Miniatures are DRM Infantry and vehicles painted by Piers from Guild 

The bright side of this expansion is price while it not bring us nothing we havent seen before it cost three dollars which is price you almost cant beat. If you have 5core Company Commander and you like scifi then Scifi expansion is must.

All pics in this article are used without permission of their authors.

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