středa 16. března 2016

5150 Fighter Command: Hunter Hunted

It was quite time i played game Fighter Command and i said its time to put those fighters from EM4 into use! For game i used one of RPG setting set in universe where Humans are in war with mysterious race of Hecate. And Humanity is losing .

"This is Alpha flight, we are near field. Wait a minute picking up three contacts but they field interference is to high"

"Concordia actual to Alpha Flight, roger that proceed with caution"

The scenario was typical patrol that could and most cases will run wrong but this time for Flight leader Archer and his wingman Stilleto they have pure luck - they run into flight of heavy fighters, Corvette and two bombers but they managed to destroy them before they got organised. here its how the Patrol went.

Navpoints were generated in sector 6,5,2 and PEF in sectors 6,2,1. Lt. Archer was REP 5 star with expert gunner trait while  Stilleto his wingman had REP 4.
The Contacts moved forward 4" only the that in sector 2 was not moving but Alliance patrol pushed forward. 

"Archer did you see it?"
"Yeah, another party crushers arrived it seems or another ghost signal of this damned graveyard....."

Next turn another PEF appeared the situation started not seem good for Alliance patrol. All PEF moved forward. And the First one was now in sensor range.

"Contact! two boogies! two medium fighters closing in"
"Stiletto! Break and engage! Fox 1!"
"Roger! Fox 1!"
"Damn! He launching decoys miss! Hell yeah direct hit! what that bugger still live?"

Alpha 1 and 2 launched their FF missle to quickly dispatch hostiles, but first missle miss and second damaged hull and threw first Hecate medium fighter from course giving time to Alliance fighters close in. Archer and Stilleto opened deadly fire quickly dispatching both fighters.

Then they continued towards the first Navpoint.
Two PEF now in sensor range it really start looking bad.

"I got some ghost here, yeah confirmed first siginal was ghos...."
"Hell homing on second blip! its big ! indentification confrimed its Hecate Corvette!"
"Concordia! This Alpha were are in trouble! We just discovered enemy Corvette hiding in field"
"No use they jamming us!"

While first signal gone, the second was capital ship but it was facing opposite direction so our brave team tried to dispatch it with remaing two FF missles, both struck hit and obliterated corvette engines ripping it apart. Plain dumb luck if you ask me. And Patrol closed in on last PEF to make sure that area is clear. PEF was two bombers and team wanted to quickly bring them down. The first bomber tried Yaw reversal but failed and that propably saved his life.

The second bomber was smashed by Archers fire, but second was out of range of Stilleto guns. So he tried to make run for it but he cannot out run Alliance light fighters which blew him out of sky.  In next turn Alliance flight arrived on battlefield riding two medium fighters after that all patrol was nice quiet and pilots returned for some meal.

As Always the game was nice and full of suprises corvette was pretty nasty if missles wont strike home i could be in some serious trouble but nice work Alpha flight!

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