pondělí 22. února 2016

Epic Armageddon mini-campaing in Black Oil Brno

Last weekend i was in Community hub Black Oil in Brno - althought it was really long trip from here it was more and worth it. Me, Ironskull, Aldhick and Drake was met there to play mini-campaing revolving about Chaos-Ork invasion on Imperial world.

The Campaing rules we used was from pen of my friend Ironskull Involving moving on operation map with formations, reconissance and ofcourse engaging enemy forces.

In the end each side chooses their battle carefully but in the end after devastating battle althought imperials were unable to break into Starport which Chaos captured in early turn of campaing, managed inflict heavy losses to Chaos and Orks - and thought on Operational level Dark Alliance won - they managed to capture more important locations - like bridges, and Starport, heavy losses durning last battle ensured Imperial Victory .
While Chaos fought in outskirts of Starport Ork mobile reserves clashed with Imperial Tank company unsuprisingly Ork lost.

There were only two major battles for Chaos first was clearing resistance around Starport in which Chaos attacked mechanised company with some support - artillery, airsupport and one superheavy. Chaos againts them strike with full might - One armoured company equipped with four predators and two defilers, Two Renegade warbands one in Land Raiders and second was riding Thunderhawk, there were also Hound formation and small Terminator unit. Overall battle went wall but riding in ruins destroyed few vehicles but the situation was similiar on the other side where Imperials suffered same problem. Hounds tried to outflank enemy formations while main thrust of armoured vehicles. the armoured line broke through enemy lines and Imperials who suffered heavy losses started to pulling back. So chaos decided to hit them with Thunderhawk and Terminators and cut them off - but Gods were not on their side it seems. The Thunderhawk was critically hit and shooted down, while terminators landed only with two stands and not winning iniative didnt help either  - the terminators were gunned down and remaing Imperial forces left the battlefield, but it was victory for Chaos and too much costy.

In the ending turns of campaing second major battle ensured this time Chaos stand side by side with their Orkz allies againts Imperial mechanised company, Stormtroopers in Valkyries and full Airsupport and Arty this was really bloody battle.  In the begining Chaos engaged Imperials head on slamming through them, overconfident the Alliance launch two daring Aerial assaults one with Thunderhawk and second with Landa. While first attack gave Imperials something to think about the Chaos smashed through their lines but eventually their attack was spend and their were cut down by valiant defenders - the second attack was aimed at Stormtroopers who jumpoff their Valkyries to ready to engage infantry moving in Land Raiders. The Attack was fiasco it failed in every way it could. the Artillery and Airsupport was taking heavy toll on Chaos Forces and infantry mobs of ork were unable to deal with Imperials. Unable to break stalemate both sides pulled out to heal their wounds.

Hopefully next time their will be more detailed AARs  but overall experience give me something - my Chaos well around force but lacking AA  - but i have few Hunters and Hellblades to fill the gap - IG is nasty opponent but it can be defeated. I like Epic more and more very good game system and every battle tell wonderfull story

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