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5150 Fighter Command - Operation Blackburn campaing mission one: Hornet nest

I finished most of my fleetscale fighters for Thr´engi wars 5150:Fighter Command if you following my blog for sometime you know i am played campaing set into this "universe" sometime ago end result was total destruction of player squardron - Pumas and shortly afterwards even their homecarrier.

To regain situation Terran command order to start Operation Blackburn sending battlegroup into the area and deal with Thr´engi threat. You will be following story of  young 1st Lt. Sean Cedric "Archangel" and his wingmen Tori "Spectre" Sanders.

Since start of operation ANS Gettysburg launched various patrols but without any activity but that is soon to begun change.

The Mission started as rutine patrol, with PEF in sector 4.4 and 2 and Patrol nav points in sector 2,4,6 so far it should be cakewalk. At start of game PEF (2 and 4) moves 4" forward. Alliance Flight moved little forward but PEF tried to bunch up so Archangel decided they will break right and try to outrun them.

Got multiple readings! 
Roger that, i see em we will break right and if we are lucky we can outrun them complete mission and RTB!
Changing course......

First PEF was resovolved as ghost siginal with good intel, but second  was flight of Remora fighters and patrol run into 3rd PEF which was Manta interceptors. The Patrol Launched 2 FF missles first almost hit enemy flight patrol leader but he managed to launch decoy but still his engines was damaged. However 2nd Fighter targeted by Spectre hit it mark with full efect, the cockpit was annihilated by strike, which even the odds.
 The Archangel and Spectre moves in to engage Squid patrol and separeted the flight so they can engage them one by one, Archangel opened up on fighter destroying his guns and engines which ruptured into one big plasmaball.

The Remaing squid decided to make stand instead of running, there was also no point the Alliance fighters are faster and they will catch him and shoot him down. He launched both his FF missles on Archangel but luckily Archangel launch his decoys and evades both missles.
Archangel again engaged enemy fighter in deadly combat, performing high-energy yo-yo he end up at the side of manta and engaged him with his mass drivers ripping him appart.

Real smooth kill there, Archangel!
Yeah lets pop up those bombers and...
New contacts! bearing 232/74 they are right behind us!
Okay plan B! we hit those afterburners and try to outrun them! with anyluck we will finish our scans and get the hell out there!

The Squids get reinforcements - Rep 5 Stingray medium fighters you dont want to mess with these guys, The patrol will try to outrun them hit navpoints and get the hell out of there. Both Stingrays and Alliance hit burners with patrol and  headed to NAV Point one. The Alliance meet second waypoint but the squids reorganised and form large group with bombers ready to cut them at navpoint in sector 4.

Additional Contacts! IFF confirmed hostiles! Bearing 872/54
Damn it! Spectre we are pulling out!
But we can reach Navpoint III!
Negative Spectre! they will caught there and we will shot space dust from every direction!
engage those jump drives!

Again squids got reinforcements another Stingray flight this time piloted by rookies but still force to be reckon with. The Archangel knew if he caught him in the middle the party will over so he decided to abandon mission and surviving is part of battle eh?

I hope you enjoy the report and see you soon in second mission of Operation Blackburn......

here are some bonus photos of the game

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