pátek 15. ledna 2016

Gruntz:Spec Ops 28mm

Some conversions i found on TMP of Afterlife Republican Grenadiers
Well there has been interest in my playing area for this variant of Gruntz. But since our gaming club
is mostly 28mm, i thought it would be cool to introduced it this scale - and for scope of game 28mm will not be problem. It really hit me when i saw those new great Anvil Afterlife range - surely in some point i will build some extraordinary SpecOps teams from their minis and conversion sets.

Before Defiance games infamous fall i bought one set of their USMC i build some but some i left on sprues, propably to never see light again but now i will use them to create my first Spec Ops team - they have SMGs (Carabines), Rifles and even SAWs.
Mantic Enforcers with Pig Iron heads - now we are talkin!

another reason why to it in this scale was terrain , our fantasy friends plays lots of Mordheim games and have lot of various terrain, including many many ruins which we can use.

AT43 Red Blok infantry with Pig Iron Heads
The market in 28mm is little different offering many good plastic, metal and resin kits and conversion
parts from Gates of Antares, Pig Iron, Mantic or even infamous Games workshop. So lot of possible ways how to cutomize and convert your squad something that community around me like

I will let you now how project progress (well new year is little overcrowded with projects - Lion Rampant, SAGA, Epic and now SpecOps :D )

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