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Ever Evolving Hecates part 1

When i was decided to create alien race to Full Thrust crossed dimensions i was thinking about Freespace Shivan or Master of Orion 2 Antares style race, great destroyers, but when playing some 4X games on my computer i realised, to give them more feel like real, while great destroyers are funny something to create my own race and give them part of me. to give them more background i need to some kind of language and i choose  Kelen on of the artificial languages you can find on net.
while logical it doesnt resemble any type of language on earth break all laws for it.


Jalūta - The Great war
The Hecates are calling them selves Jatāona,  and their race has been among stars for centuries, and on some planets thumans discovered ruins with Hecate symbols thousand years old. Hecates have legend, how their Empire grown and prospered for many years until Masēnre came - The enemy. Great War eruppted and last for thousand years until Hecates were defeated and Masēnre left .Then came decandence Jatāona - Antāra. Durning this age which last today Hecates lost many of their technologies, and their spacefaring  empire are only fraction of what it was before Antāra. 


Unlike humans Jatāona have caste system, every invididual is born with certain predisposition, some have capability to use pheromones, and smarter than rest - making them excelent leaders, commanders. this Jatāonas became part of leading caste -  Makerāon. Most Numerous individuals however are born strong and with excelent space coordination Tāña.  To this caste belong all pilots and marines in their nomadic fleets but concept of them are not warrior but rather defender of fleet. Last great caste is Ankīri there are some hecates born without any "gift", they will not be leaders or defenders, but their work for fleet is more important, to this caste belong scientists, engineers, workers and the rest

The Hecates dont have rulling goverment which will lead all their fleets, but rather every fleet it is self-contained empire. But when crisis raises they work together as one. This race is highly religious beliving in rise of their empire someday and destroying Masēnre so they can live in peace and end their exile.

Every fleet is lead by female Jatāona called Marōāñēl - Oracle, while Commanders and Captains leads their ship- She leads the fleet in terms of civilisation - where the fleet will go and what to do there. Usually when Oracle dies, one of the kēra (term for priest) aquire gifts of Oracle and became the new one.

Myths and legend also speak about great Anīstīli, last planet habitated by Hecate - whatever this is their homeworld is not known, and no Jatāona ever saw this planet. Legends said it is home of  Mārjanen, the Great Oracle. She is now sleeping, but will raise when the time is right, and will lead Jatāona to their destiny

Scout Drone
While according to legends the Jatāona race lost many of their advanced technologies, their still far more advanced than humans. their FTL drives called Anxūri are far more effective than human drives, faster and more precision capable of jumping near planets or stars. Most Hecate ships are also equipped with shields which protect their ships againts beam weapons they are called Anxēxi.  Main weapons of Jatāona ships are Anlūi, meaning sunlight capable of riping through other races with ease.
Hecates are aquatic race, originating from planet they are refering as Anālhāri, which leads human scientists to belief that Anīstīli is the remaing colony of Hecate Empire. But strange is that Hecate ruins found through known space were found on barren or desert planets. Durning boarding actions and ground combat (this happen rarely though Jatāona marines are using exo-suits and drones which enable them fighting in virtually any conditions.


Humans barely understands Jatāona and their psychology. Firstly is the concept of Alliances for Hecates, it is temporaly thing, used only in time of crisis, when crysis is averted, behavior of Jatāona Fleet can and will change, former ally can now found itself in combat with fleet. Also dealing with Oracles are hard job even for most skilled human diplomats, they percieve world so differently that is almost impossible to make any diplomatic progress apart from short-term treaties.

this is all for this post i will continue with more details about Jatāona

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