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5150: Fighter Command where to get fighters, and some capital ships ideas

As i was little sceptic about Two hours wargames 5150: Fighter Command, reading through rules (after some solo playtest i will post review) i am getting more and more excited about it , though my friends are hooked with Xwing maybe i can convice them for some game especially when they see that really big Columbia-Class Battlestar right in the middle of table and them fight off every cylon attack - i think that will be very convincing. Any way as i am big fan of Space Combat sims (shame that genre died with Starlancer - but recently we get fix in form Wing Commander Saga and Diaspora) i will not end with BSG setting. so i wrote this "guide" for everyone intersted.

We will start with fighter/bomber minis and move up to Capship ideas

EM4 Plastics
propably most used set for space dogfighting, EM4 have set of plastic fighters from Metal Express Silent Death game - it contains 12 different space fighters, but for price less than 3 pounds (2.55 is i checked recently) you can have squadrons build up in no time. this is only set i am aware that is sold in hard plastic detailed review you can find here (unfortunately in Czech

Metal Express
Speaking of Silent Death, Metal Express still selling its fighter/gunboat range counting over 140 individual fighters. Alien ships, Human ships you name it while some designs are little retro, there are ships which fits into many settings (WC-like and so on) , and they are planning release more fighters soon.

Company which is know more for their 6mm miniatures but they also selling range of space fighters . but these fighters are little big so you can use them as corvettes or other cap ships .
CinC Fighters in scale with Metal Express ships

Reaper miniatures
Well known miniature maker of Fantasy and Scifi 28mm (his aquatic monsters are known to be fielded as bio ships in Fleet scale games) but also maker of forgoten game CAV which has scale 10mm, this range have few VTOLs which can be used as transports, bombers or even smaller CAPships but maybe even heavy fighters.
Reaper minis/Robot Supply Depot range Baron APC

Hawk Wargames/Dropzone Commander
Also well known 10mm wargame but again suitable for dogfight gaming before ordering you should check diameters of ship for which want to use but big dropships can be used as transports(in case of PHR as cruisers) and smaller ships maybe for fighters
Dropzone Commander PHR Athena Air supperiority Fighter can make very nice Cap Ship

Studio Bergstrom
Best reseller of fighter scale miniatures in my book. miniatures you are getting from this vendor have top notch quality control, almost no mould lines and defects. If you are looking for setting specific fighters this is the place where to come - non-BS G , non-Star War s, and even old Wing Commander machines worth of checking out. but beware the photos on his shop are bad, but in reality his minis are top of the line.
Wing Commander Confederacy Fighters by SB

Brigade Models
Brigade models have their own range of scifi fighters specially designed for their game and world - Squadron Commander the game is free but not my cup of tea. you should also check 6mm rangfe VTOLs , i personaly want to use angelsharks (i own two for my 6mm army) as assault boats/ small transports

Iron Wind/Aerotech
Durning golden ages of FASA and games like Battletech there was supplemental game called Aerotech, which simulated aerial combat in Battletech universe. this miniatures are still sold by Iron Wind, and while most of larger ships are not usable in FC the fighter are top notch. however some larger ships are still usable as transport frigates

Various 6mm Scifi retailers
Most of 6mm scifi retailers will sell VTOLs while not every model is usable most of them are in some way for few examples: Microworld, GZG, Plasmablast games, Dark realms miniatures and so on. DRM for example have very nice range of small and big aircrafts , alien and human alike.

Another great sources is Shapeways,many people established shops there and selling their 3d models as miniatures via shapeways. worth to try if you are looking for something specific however little pricey.

Another good sources of models  fighters are collectible miniatures like Mechwarrior Dark Age, Statrek or Star wars everything from Wizard Of The Coast

Capital ships are different beast, they didnt have dedicated models, there is no reseller of Capship models in fighter scale, so we need look into few sources
1) Collector models like Mass Effect ships, Terminator, Serenity, Star Trek and so on.
good source for these are Ebay or Amazon
2) Scifi Plastic and Resin Models in various scales for Example Battlestar Galactica from Revell,Moebius or Timeslip creatious, or even Japan Anime series ships - Battleship Yamato, Gundam and others. good sources for these models are Hobby Link Japan

3rd Option is scrathbuilding, kitbashing and so on, there is lot of various options here but with Mad mecha containers its fairly easy to build up cargo haulers. here is pic of what of what one member of 5150 FC facebook group build up

Hopefully this guide will be usefull to game in fighter scale and if you are not yet in our 5150 Fighter Command facebook group you can join us here 

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