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Battlestar Galactica fighters stats

as my project continue, i reinventing some other ranges to fit my universe for example i always wanted Terminator:Salvation Hunter Killer , but now i would think of it as dedicated cylon stealth carrier used for different kind of actions than basestars. anyway here with some stats for 5150 Fighter Command

Viper Mark II
Old fighter which dates to 1st Cylon war, although defense forces in border world of colonies still use them, as well as some mercenaries who work near and in Zodias Asteroid Field, while not fast and maneovarble as Mark VII, the Mark two can take more punishment, and can be equipped with specialised ordinance.

Viper Mark VII
Current Colonial space supperiority fighter, fast and deadly in hand of skilled fighter, unlike Mark II he rellies on KEW loadout to take out the enemy and thanks to brand new CPN module this task is even easier. However when Cylons used  CPN backdoors to disable Colonial forces most of fleet was rendered useless. But not all Battlestars and Vipers had installed CPN - mostly older Battlestars on patrol duties, and in desperation they were sometimes able to caught Cylons totally offguard

Assault Viper
Assault Vipers has been introduced to give fighters punch to deal with frigates and smaller "star" like vessels
while less maneoverable than standart Mark 7 it can carry more load out making him prefered in attacks.


Raptor is transport/Cap ship attack small vessel employed by Colonial forces, it can be equipped with 2 tactical nukes to deal with Capital ships such as basestar or Hunterstar. Some battlegroups are known to equip them to provide close support (both ground and space) in these variant they are known as Assault Raptors.This small craft can be also loaded by marines to make boarding actions.

Cylon Raider
Cylon Raiders are main attack craft of Cylon forces, it was created for dogfighting and also as transmitter of Cylon virus. Flight abilities is similiar to Colonial Viper Mark VII although raider carries more ordinance. this ships are most encoutered ship by Colonial Forces                                                                                                                       

Heavy Raider
Assault boat of Cylon forces, this craft is similiar to Colonial Viper although equipped with better weapons, on some occassions these crafts are also equipped with nukes and other ordinance to destroy colonial battle ships. like all Cylon vessels raiders are equipped with FTL.

stats for this unit you will find here https://www.facebook.com/download/1498006437103921/Battlestar%20Galactica%20fighters%20BS-Athena.pdf

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