úterý 12. srpna 2014

5150 Fighter Command - Battlestar Athena (set in BSG universe)

thank to one of the kind members of Full Thrust Facebook group i was introduced to 5150 Fighter
Command from two hours wargames. normaly i am not big fan of two hours wargames, since their system is bit strange but fluid and give great narrative games/battles - have experience with Nuts! and All things zombies.

Anyway what is 5150:FC about? well about scifi space gaming on fighter squadron scale, everething you ever seen in old scifi space combat sims is here - patrols, cap ship hunting, good ol´ defense, escort missions but players can devise their own scenarios like search and rescue, recon missions and propably more.
unlike many "competive" games i encounter here in Czech THW are different and FC is same.

I will start campaing on my own playing few patrols to learn the rules and then introduce to my friends.
Storywise the campaing will follow the Battlestar Athena which mission last four months was to guard red line so she didnt have CNP module yet installed and can bring everything on Cylons.Unlike Adama and his Battlestar Galactica the Athena will make last stand at Colonies.

I ordered some miniatures from Studio Bergstrom, and now my complement of fighters are ready for battle (have to arrive and paint them thought) but i will got 8 Viper mark VII, 4 Viper Mark 2.5 (this will be proxying Assault Vipers from Diaspora) 2 Raptors, 16 RS Raiders, and 3 Heavy Raiders which gave me enough smaller crafts for start of campaing. The BSG 89 Athena would not be problem too, there is nice Revell Kit of Battlestar Galactica, so i must assume that Athena is Columbia too and as one of the original Battlestar, she represents Libran colony.

While at this point everything is okay but then i started running to the problems, first is Cylon basestar which is currently out of my budget options, but that will sort out and second is colonial civilian ships my Battlestar and her Viper and Raptor pilots will encounter durning their voyage across Colonies. but hopefully i will find some solution soon. (Got some 15mm scalled containers, so if i found some nice cockpit and engines i may create transport ship from it - we will see)

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