pátek 4. prosince 2020

Terrains 4 games recenze

For almost every tabletop miniature wargame apart from miniatures and rules and thing is essential is terrain. You can build your own terrain or you can buy already completed pieces. For this article we will be looking at Poland company named Terrains 4 games. This company offers various selection of pieces or bundle sets than came already painted and ready for play.

In this review we will take look at their Medium Standart Battlefield Set. It consists of 9 pieces - 5 rocks, wooden area and two hills, with this i also received static grass box propably for repairs.

The piece were well packaged and protected by good packing foil against damage

Every piece (apart from separate trees which consists of base and wire tree) is based on propably mdf or hardboard base

So first lets look at wood/forest piece. It consists of base and 9 separate trees on bases, the trees have different sizes and its suitable for 6mm up to 28mm. So doesnt matter if you play Flames of war, Scifi skirimish game or perhaps Battletech Alpha Strike.

Next are two hills, they are pretty much standart one level hills suitable for any wargame

Next thing is this set are big rocks - one is really big while two are smaller but still big enough to block line of sight 

Last thing you will receive in this set are 3 pieces of smaller rocks. 

This set is pretty cheap - 35 dollars and you got enough pieces to cover 4x4 table or some "not so dense" 4x6. Every piece is handmade so every piece will be unique.

T4G offers many different sets - desert ones, ruined buildings, toxic wastelands and so on. the quality of this product is great especially for the price so if you dont have time, know how or just will to build your own terrain this company offeres affordable solution. Personally i will get more of their sets.

You can check their website here

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